Author: Jerrod Kelley

Engage More Customers, Use Discover Boating Content to Your Advantage

• Boating content you can use to educate, inform and improve boat owners’ on-the-water experiences Despite having a staff of boating enthusiasts and experts at your disposal, it’s not easy for a dealership to find additional time in the day to devote to writing boating stories that help improve your customers’ individual boating experiences. Designating […]

The Service Shuffle

A look at service department pain points and potential solutions from MRAA’s recent Pulse Report. To be an elite dealership, you need your Service & Parts Departments to follow and maintain a tight, structured schedule, yet remain flexible to effectively upsell and schedule future work to add cash flow. However, it’s not easy to be […]

Discover Boating Canada Launches New ‘Dealer Finder’ Tool

Discover Boating, powered by NMMA and the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA), announced the expansion of its popular Dealer Finder tool in the U.S. with the launch of the new Canadian Dealer Finder on This tool conveniently connects boat-buying consumers directly with nearby dealers. Click here to visit the new Canadian Dealer Finder Since launching […]

Boost Customer Experience & Boater Retention by Throwing a Helpline

• How Providing a Summer Season Hotline Will Improve Your Customers’ Boat Ownership Experience As our team was building the June MRAA Spotlight page about keeping your customers boating, Barletta, an MRAA Strategic Partner, announced that it was improving its Holiday Hotline by transitioning it into a Summer Season Helpline. This initiative is an inspiring […]

22 Tips to Tackle High Rates & Finance More Deals

Higher interest rates are putting a damper on customers’ interest in financing their boat purchases. In a recent MRAA Pulse Report Survey, about 8 out of 10 dealers cited high interest rates as the biggest obstacle to customer financing. Low lender approval rates came in second, followed by “perceived values of trade-ins” and “other.” There’s […]

Begin with ‘GOOD’ to Become Great!

Have you ever uttered the word “good” when something goes wrong at your dealership? Chances are you’ve said a different word, perhaps one with a negative or “bad” connotation. Jocko Willink, author and retired Navy Seal officer, has shared on his podcast his philosophical approach to responding with “good” when problems crop up. How comfortable […]

Installing an Onboarding Process to Help Employees Find Success

Recently you’ve probably heard about the terms “quiet quitting” and “voluntary turnover” while researching hiring and onboarding for your dealership. One reason for these terms and their rise can be attributed to reduced employee engagement and less satisfaction within the workplace. And a lack of training — a problem that often begins as soon as […]