Author: Liz Keener

Develop a Culture Prime for Recruiting & Hiring

Imagine your dealership is fully staffed. Not only do you have enough people to do all of the work, but whenever you do have an opening, high-quality applications come flooding in, with the right candidates ready to start right away. Okay, that might be wishful thinking. Especially in 2022. But it shouldn’t be too far […]

Level Up Your Customer Experience Efforts by Getting Certified

As your dealership begins turning up the dial on customer experience efforts, you’re likely looking at several options to better serve your customers and prospects. You may be considering steps, such as adding a customer experience representative, outsourcing some of your follow-up efforts, integrating more digital retail into your processes, and more to improve the […]

Why F&I is Critical to the Customer Experience

The F&I office is a second thought at many dealerships. If it exists at all, it primarily functions as a lending arm or paperwork administrator for the sales department. This approach not only loses your dealership significant amounts of money, it also greatly impacts your customer’s satisfaction with the sales process. Every minute that a […]