Author: Liz Walz

What Dealers Need to Know about ‘The Great Resignation’

Workforce challenges are nothing new to the marine dealer community. If you’re like most dealers, you probably can’t remember a time that “technician shortage” wasn’t part of our regular conversations. The specific challenges that have come to light as part of what the media has coined “The Great Resignation,” however, are new. For dealership managers […]

Answers to Your Most Common Hiring Questions

As you ramp up your hiring efforts to prepare for the 2022 boating season, here are tips and resources MRAA have developed to help you answer some of the common questions you ask us: How many people do I need to hire and in which roles? With the changes in consumer shopping behavior and expectations, […]

Avoid These 6 Common Recruiting and Hiring Mistakes

Finding qualified candidates to fill your dealership’s open positions isn’t easy … especially right now. The labor shortage — not just in the recreational boating business, but in almost every industry — means that any decent candidate has their pick of jobs to choose from. So, how do you set yourself apart and increase your […]

One Way to Make Customers Happy in 2021

Last year, almost every news story or conversation was littered with words like “new normal,” and “unprecedented.” While managing change is not a new idea, it seemed to be the theme of 2020. Now, here we are, sprinting through the second quarter of 2021, and more change seems to be afoot. This year is not […]