Finance & Insurance

The Finance & Insurance department is one of the most critical, most profitable departments your dealership runs. It can help to multiply the profitability of a sale, improve the customer’s purchase and ownership experiences and ultimately make your business more successful.

MRAA Resource from 700Credit on FTC Safeguards Rule Compliancy You can satisfy the new FTC Safeguards Rule requirements yourself or partner with a company that offers these services consider downloading this two-page resource from MRAA Education Champion 700Credit, which is one of several companies providing services to help dealers prepare for compliance with the amended regulation.

MRAA Guide to Creating a Compliance Process

MRAA’s “Guide to Creating a Compliance Process” is a 30-plus page publication to ensure that marine retailers have the information, tools and processes in place to protect their businesses, team and customers.

MRAA Mini-Guide: How to Read a Credit Report
This guide to reading a credit report is provided to you and your fellow marine dealership professionals through MRAA’s partnership with 700Credit.

Boat Loan Calculator
Embed this resource on your website to help show your potential customers how affordable boating can be. This resource is made available to you by Grow Boating.

F&I Menu Selling

At MRAA’s annual conference, David Parker of Parker Business Planning made an outstanding presentation on how to create and find success with menu selling in your dealership. The first piece of the presentation is about menu selling in your Service Department. If you scroll about two-thirds of the way through the presentation, you will find a section on menus for your F&I department. 

Four Square Closing Worksheet
The Four Square Closing Worksheet is used by dealers as a tool to find out what kind of buyer the customer is — are they a cash buyer, a payment buyer, do they have a trade-in or are they a difference buyer? This form is very similar to those used by automobile dealers to “desk” deals with prospective customers.

7 Keys to a Better Finance Process
MRAA Partner Member AppOne provides this 7-areas of focus resource to help you improve the speed and accuracy of your finance process.