Centurion & Supreme to Host 2025 Dealer Meeting at Dealer Week

MINNEAPOLIS, June 3, 2024 – The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) announced today that Centurion & Supreme Boats will co-locate their dealer meeting at the 2024 Dealer Week Conference and Expo in Orlando, Fla. This is the second year in a row the brands will be hosting their dealer meeting with Dealer Week, after a successful model-year 2024 meeting in Tampa in 2023.

Centurion and Supreme to Host 2025 Dealer Meeting at Dealer Week

“Having Centurion & Supreme host their model-year 2025 dealer meetings at our annual conference is a big win for both boat brands and their dealers,” said Liz Keener, Director of Dealer Development, MRAA. “By selecting Dealer Week, their dealers learn about new models, address business tactics and receive world-class education and best practices at one location.”

Centurion & Supreme will introduce marine retailers to its 2025 lineup at its private event, December 6-8, before the start of the MRAA conference, which runs December 8-11. Attending dealers are invited to remain in Orlando to participate in all Dealer Week activities and learning.

“We are looking forward to hosting our annual dealer meeting in conjunction with MRAA’s Dealer Week again this year,” explained Daniel Indelicato, Centurion & Supreme Boats President.  “The positive benefits for our dealers are invaluable. They not only learn firsthand about our products, they also have access to top-notch industry focused education, the opportunity to visit over 100 exhibitors, and the ability to network with industry professionals. They get two educational trips in one, maximizing their time and effectiveness.”

Florida-based Correct Craft, which operates globally and will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2025, is the parent company of Centurion & Supreme. Correct Craft, a Dealer Week 2024 Exhibitor, is one of 12 MRAA Strategic Partners committed to fueling the MRAA’s mission to strengthen dealers and contribute to both dealer success and the success of the marine industry.

“The first co-located dealer meeting was at Dealer Week 2022 in Austin, Texas,” explained Keener. “For the first time in history last year, two dealer events were hosted in conjunction with our conference, including the Centurion & Supreme meeting. Their commitment to return confirms that Dealer Week offers an unmatched experience, highlighted by its valuable education programming and business opportunities.”

In 2023, 80 Centurion & Supreme dealership personnel stayed beyond their dealer meeting for Dealer Week, introducing 18 dealerships to the world-class education at the event for the first time. To learn more about co-hosting your dealer meeting at Dealer Week, email Liz Keener. See the current list of Dealer Week 2024 exhibitors.

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