Advocating for the Business of Boating

You Deserve a Strong Selling Environment for Your Dealership.

MRAA Works to Promote Boating Friendly Policy While Fighting off Harmful Legislation.

Are these issues threatening your business:

  • Speed restrictions spanning the entire Eastern Seaboard and the Gulf Coast.
  • Boating bans on Wake Surf Boats or other types of vessels.
  • Aquatic Invasive Species or the management of at-risk species with cost-effective conversation.
  • The FTC’s “auto rule” that seeks to change the way boat dealers sell & finance boats.
  • Mandatory boat education legislation.
  • Amateur technicians being given the “right to repair” boat motors without any required training or certifications.

If these issues aren’t on your radar, your business is already at risk.
Get involved today.

Here’s how you can ensure your voice is heard:

Membership with MRAA

Amplify the voice of the boating industry by becoming a member of the MRAA. By adding your voice, you help arm the MRAA to fight for your interests at the state and federal level, enabling the MRAA team to protect and promote the business of boating — your business.

Become an Ambassador

The MRAA uses a grassroots engagement strategy to activate dealers throughout North America to speak up when issues threaten boating. Sign up to be “on call” in the event of an issue popping up in your area, and allow MRAA to arm you with the resources to use your voice.

Upgrade to Diamond!

MRAA’s Diamond Ambassador dealers don’t just raise their hand and speak up; they help to fund MRAA’s critical advocacy work to ensure boat dealers are at the table wherever and whenever boating concerns are discussed. Become a part of the Diamond Ambassador movement.

MRAA Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy Toolkit

Your business is affected by policies and regulations that are written in state legislatures and Congress, so naturally we want to ensure that you have a voice in how those laws are crafted.

This Advocacy Toolkit is designed to give you a baseline understanding of what advocacy and lobbying entails, ways to get engaged with MRAA’s advocacy efforts, and resources for you to begin outreach to your elected officials.

BoatPAC – Your Voice on Capitol Hill

The mission of BoatPAC is to support legislators on both sides of the aisle that understand the importance of the recreational boating community. Our champions in Congress are helping to advance our full range of priorities and it’s critical we work to keep them there. All contributions to BoatPAC go to candidates for federal office. Click the link below to learn more.

Fight Together with MRAA & Build Confidence

When we’re [boat dealers] out there fighting, it’s not just so we can sell more, it’s so our customers who we sold boats to can use them…Even if you don’t have issues in your area with restrictions, you will soon.

Matt Radich
President of Active Water Sports & 2023 Dealer Ambassador of the Year Recipient

Listen to MRAA’s “The Boat Biz” podcast featuring guest Matt Radich, Active Water Sports President, as he walks you through a few easy steps to begin fighting for your business.

A major benefit the MRAA provides is critical advocacy work. An increasing number of issues are coming at us through legislation, regulation and policies that could impede our success; we need an ally like MRAA to watch out for our best interests.

Jeff Strong
President, Strong’s Marine
Chairman, MRAA Board of Directors

Together on All Fronts

Legislation Tracker

To keep our members informed and up to date on what state and federal legislation we are tracking to protect your business and bolster the recreational marine industry, the MRAA has created a bill tracker powered by Quorum. We encourage you to click below to see how the MRAA is looking out for your business in real time

Federal Advocacy

Acting as your voice on Capitol Hill, the MRAA Government Relations team assures that the recreational boating industry, and the perspective of dealers it serves, is heard and respected. From discussions around supporting important conservation programs, reauthorizing keystone programs like the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, or advocating for more boating-related infrastructure, we make certain Congress works for you.

State Advocacy

Each State represents unique opportunities and challenges for the recreational boating industry and MRAA Members. Whether contesting harmful right to repair legislation, advocating for favorable tax and insurance policies or supporting efforts to create mandatory boater education, the MRAA Government Relations Team is dedicated to supporting you in state legislatures across the country.

It’s Your Turn. Take a Seat at the Table.

3 Easy Steps to Advocate for Your Business

1. Join MRAA

Join MRAA today and support our efforts to protect your business and the boating industry at the state and federal level. Help MRAA advocate to protect and promote your interests and that of the marine industry as a whole.

2. Become Informed

Stay up to date with the latest legislative and regulatory issues impacting our industry by subscribing to Toolbox, MRAA weekly e-newsletter. Connect with MRAA Government Relations Manager Chad Tokowicz.

3. Get Involved

Initiate discussions with decision makers whose actions impact your business, including those responsible for implementing or removing regulations on your operations and your customers’ boating experience.

Connect with MRAA’s Advocacy Team:

Chad Tokowicz

Government Relations Manager


Mike Sayre

Director of Government Relations

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