MRAA Spotlight Series

When hiring is tough, employee retention is critical

MRAA Spotlight on Employee Retention

It has been said time and again that your workforce (your employees) are the heart and soul of your business. They are the guts of your business that make it function the way it should.

That’s why the MRAA’s Spotlight for October illuminates employee retention. This page is dedicated to helping guide you to retain your employees, offering tips, tools, tactics and expert advice to help you develop strategies and processes to keep your employees engaged, happy and yearning for a long career at your dealership.

Get Back on Track with Disciplined Operations

Boat Dealership Operations

Is your dealership properly prepared for a slowdown? Can you be disciplined in the face of all this disruption you’re experiencing? Nobody wants their business and the outside elements to run them. Instead, it’s better to use discipline and processes to ride out storms and create flexibility for your team. That’s why the MRAA Spotlight for September is themed “Get Back on Track with Disciplined Operations.” This page and resources can help you get a better grip on your dealership in times of uncertainty by installing improved operations.


The sun has been shining lately on your dealership and the boating industry as a whole, despite some recent marketplace hiccups with increased consumer hesitancy related to inflation and fears of a recession, and industry delays for inventory and parts.

Now is the perfect time to prepare for the offseason you know lies ahead. In the upcoming months, as both summer and the recreational boating season wind down (specifically in the snow belt), your team will make its annual shift to your fall (and winter) planning.

Manage Change

What’s next?

Chances are this year has been different than what you expected. So how will you adjust in the second half of the year to hit and exceed your goals — and successfully prepare for 2023?

How to Improve the Customer Experience

A Step-by-Step Guide

While at one time “satisfactory” service levels were considered good enough for creating customer retention and building brand loyalty, it’s not like that anymore!

Drive Success in Your Pre-Owned Business

One of the most significant opportunities to fuel your bottom line, especially in today’s market place, can be found in your pre-owned boat business.

Recruiting, Hiring and onboarding

There’s nothing more critical to your dealership’s success than your team. Recruiting and hiring new team members to fill the gaps in your workforce has always had its challenges, but never has that hill been so steep for marine businesses as it is now, during what some are calling “The Great Resignation.”

Improve your Repair Event Cycle Times

Amidst the craziness of today’s pandemic-fueled boat marketplace, your service department faces more pressure and more challenges than ever before.

And just when you thought it was as bad as it was going to get, along comes an industrywide focus on Repair Event Cycle Times (RECT), or the amount of time it takes to get boats repaired and back on the water.

Lead Generation and Nurturing

Lead Generation and Nurturing is an important topic because dealers need to make it abundantly clear they’re open for business, in spite of  industry challenges involving inventory, parts and product delays. An influx of first-time boat buyers accompanied by massive industry demand prove that an investment in follow-up and nurturing is critical for customer retention.Whether your dealership is participating in boat shows or hosting in-house events, this is the season to let consumers know you are open for business and ready to help them prepare for an incredible boating season … and develop those leads into business for each of their departments. That takes a lot of collaboration between marketing, sales and F&I offices. It involves CRM technology, processes and more!