Get Back on Track with Disciplined Operations

You’re not alone if the ever-changing, post-pandemic marketplace has you second guessing how you’re doing business. While following the “business as usual” approach may work for some businesses out there, it’s definitely not an advisable approach for regimented dealerships. No matter how you’ve fared the last two years — and more recently while withstanding inventory shortages, parts delays, recession talk, housing fears, inflation and growing workforce concerns — you have to remember now is NOT the time to panic or lose sight of your processes.

Instead, you have to ask yourself if your dealership is properly prepared for a slowdown? Can you be disciplined in the face of all this disruption? To a greater degree, are you reacting to everything and letting the external environment and your business run you or are you, through installed processes, running your business with confidence? We understand your concern. It shouldn’t have to feel as though you’re putting the cart before the horse or, worse yet, pushing both the cart and horse up a steep rocky hill. That’s why the MRAA Spotlight for September is themed “Get Back on Track with Disciplined Operations.”

This page and resources can help you get a better grip on your dealership in times of uncertainty by installing improved operations. By enhancing your operations and facilities you can reduce your costs, improve your team’s efficiency and strengthen your dealership’s potential.

Matt Gruhn MRAA President

It’s Time to Shift Gears

We’re entering a post-pandemic marketplace. Does your dealership have the discipline to adjust? A “Trade Only Today” column by MRAA President Matt Gruhn.

“No matter how your business fared at the six-month mark of 2022, no matter the tone of the news you chose to share at the dealer meetings, and no matter how your business is doing today, there’s no denying the shifting trends affecting dealers across North America.”
– Matt Gruhn, MRAA President

Bolster Your Finance Department to Withstand Disruption & Uncertainty

Jared Zimlin of Elite Recreational Finance shares 5 key areas to tighten up to help your F&I Department find future success.

Boat dealer customer signing paperwork.

Dealer Week Subject Matter Expert Quick Tip with Jill Young

Want more from Jill Young? You can gain more insights and wisdom in two different ways. She is a subject matter expert and speaker at Dealer Week Dec. 5-8, in Austin, Texas, sharing best practices and tactics within the Leadership Pathway.

Young will also be a special guest this month for MRAA’s Ask the Expert webinar with host Cecelia Pallotto. See below for more details.

  1. Attend Dealer Week 2022
    1. Get a Grip on your Business: Don’t Let your Business Run You (Part 1) 
    2. Apply These Tools to Overcome the Obstacles in Your Way (Part 2) 
  2. Register for the September MRAA Ask the Expert webinar

Start on time and end on time.

– Jill Young, EOS Worldwide

September MRAA Ask the Expert Webinar — The Courage Advantage: How to Help Your Operations Thrive through Discipline

Business coach and Dealer Week 2022 speaker Jill Young is an expert at helping teams thrive, even in the face of disruption. Pulling from her deep expertise, your dealership will learn strategies and solutions to implement during the coming off season:

  • Discover the 3 mindsets that will help your team power through change
  • Get aligned!
  • Create predictable success
Jill Young, Dealer Week 2022 speaker

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MRAA’s Training ‘N’ Tactics

Fill the Gaps in Your Sales Processs

with your host Jerrod Kelley, MRAA Content Manager

Despite yet another superb year from your sales team, chances are you and your customers have found a few holes in your dealership’s sales process. Don’t worry, it’s natural to find gaps, especially with the last few years you’ve been through. It’s also natural that your business – through refinement – has the ability to fill those gaps!

The trick is learning to adapt to the changing marketplace and customer while you address your deficiencies by installing what you learned.

During this workshop, leading trainers Jim Million and Bob McCann will supply you with the tools and mindset to find the gaps in your sales process and B.R.I.D.G.E. them. When finished, your dealership will have the necessary tools and approach in place to enhance your sales process, while also improving the consistency with your customer experience.

MRAA Silver and Gold Members:
watch this new TNT video here.