Becoming a Certified Dealership gives you a competitive advantage that only the best marine dealers can claim.

Through meeting the requirements of the program, you will create a culture of continuous improvement within your dealership.

Many manufacturers support MRAA Dealership Certification
Your manufacturers may offer incentives like:

» Membership Cost Reimbursement

» Certification Cost Reimbursement

Stevie Cook

The next 7-week webinar starts August 7, 2024!

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How the 7-Week Webinar Process Works

Week 1

Week 1

» Process mapping
» Employee handbooks
» Employee job descriptions
» Performance evaluations

Week 2

Week 2

» Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) process
» Uniformed look
» Tracking education/training
» Customer relationship management
» CSI tracking & trending 

Week 3

Week 3

» Process improvements
» Sales checklists
» Internet leads 
» Sales philosophy and tracking 
» Mystery shopping 
» Marine Industry Consumer Commitment 

Week 4

Week 4

» A Certified facility
» Service Department narratives
» Repair orders
» Tracking service comebacks
» Service follow up
» Parts Department 

Week 5

Week 5

» Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS)
» Accounting process 

Week 6

Week 6

» Best practice sharing of several requirements

Week 7

Week 7

» Best practice sharing of several requirements
» Post the Consumer Commitment

Michele O’Hara-Abate, Assistant GM, Candlewood East Marina (Brookfield, Conn.) provides insightful info about MRAA Dealership Certification. O’Hara-Abate shares that its hard to work on the business were you always focusing on the your business.

Stand Out in Your Market

Standardize your processes

Through meeting the requirements of the program, you will establish effective and efficient systems and processes.

Gain team buy-in

If the team isn’t on board, new processes fail. In Certification, you’ll learn how to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Bring in new customers

Certification is a commitment to your customers that will help you generate new business and loyal fans.

Step back and evaluate your business

Dealership Certification Pricing

MRAA Members $2,899 for your first location

Non-Members $3,199 for your first location

(Discounts available for additional locations)


  • Enrollment in the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program
  • 7 weeks of 90-minute webinars with your consultant and dealer peers
  • Certification-specific tools, resources, process maps and templates
  • Best practice sharing
  • The Dealership Certification course in
  • A certificate and window cling, upon completion

Build a loyal customer base, retain employees

The Marine Industry Certified Dealership program provides a customizable blueprint to help boat dealers establish efficient and effective processes that lead to an outstanding retail experience for your customers and a thriving marine business for you and your team. The program offers you the tools to engage your employees in your business’ success and create a world-class retail experience that leads to higher levels of customer loyalty.

As a dealer establishes systems and processes through the program, Certification requirements like employee satisfaction surveys, tracking and trending customer experiences and best practice sharing bring to life a feedback loop that strengthens Certified Dealers’ operations even further. Certification’s efforts to help them standardize customer relations management, facility and website upkeep, and performance planning help make them one of the highest-performing dealers in the industry.

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