Our team is here to guide you

MRAA was created by dealer to serve dealers. Our team’s job is to help you find solutions, so please consider us an extension of your team and reach out anytime.

Rallee Chupich

Certification Consultant, ‭763-402-7233

Stevie Cook

Certification Sales/Marketing Specialist, ‭763-402-7236‬

Dana Croatt

Marketing Manager, ‭763-333-2423‬

Sherri Cuvala

Membership Manager, 763-333-2420

Mike Davin

Vice President of Business Planning, 763-402-7232

Anna Eaton

Sales Coordinator, 763-402-7239

Allison Gruhn

Vice President of Business Development, 763-333-2419

Matt Gruhn

President, 763-333-2421

Liz Keener

Certification Manager, 763-333-2417

Jerrod Kelley

Content Manager, 763-402-7230

Sarah Korbel

Events and Operations Manager, 763-333-2418

Michele Rosacker

Administrative Manager, 763-333-2425

Wendy Mackie

Director of Workforce and Foundation Development, 763-333-2422

Bob McCann

Lead MICD Program Consultant, 763-333-2422

Ashley Marek

Production Coordinator, 763-333-2422

Drew Mick

Research Specialist, 763-333-2424

Cecelia Pallotto

Online Education Manager, 763-402-7235

Zane Stevenson

Certification Consultant, ‭763-402-7234‬

Chad Tokowicz

Government Relations Manager, 202-737-9779

Soua Vang

Video Specialist, 763-402-7231

Jason Walz

Director of Programs, 763-402-7238

Liz Walz

Vice President of Education, 315-692-4533