Prepare Your Dealership for 2024: Sales & Marketing

Your dealership faces some pivotal moments heading into 2024 selling season. To adapt to the rapid changes within the industry, you have to recalibrate your sales and marketing strategies to meet your customers’ evolving expectations and navigate the current shift in marine sales.

You need resources, tools and tactics to help you make adjustments so you can:

· Create a company-wide positive mindset.

· Attract high-quality leads.

· Nurture your existing prospects.

· Turn more inventory.

· Educate customers about their options.

· Overcome price objections with transparency to build trust.

Survey: Prepare Your Sales & Marketing for 2024

Learn from other dealers and use the same tactics they are using to deal with the obstacles that affect dealerships.


Redefining Your Approach to Establishing Trust – The Customer Experience Mindset in the Marine Retail Industry

The marine retail industry is complex but incredibly rewarding, sitting at the intersection of commerce, lifestyle and passion. Success in this industry hinges on building long-lasting relationships based on trust, competence and a deep understanding of customer needs. By focusing on these elements and adopting a customer experience mindset, your dealership can not only survive but thrive, even in challenging economic conditions.


Time for a Mindset Check

It’s November 2023, the eve of what, for many, is sure to be a long, slow off-season. Now is the time to check in with yourself and your team to ensure that you are in the right mindset. A recent column by MRAA President Matt Gruhn that originally ran in the November 2023 issue of Trade Only Today.


Navigating Success During Down Cycles and the Critical Role of Boat Shows

Boat shows are an avenue for exhibitors to connect with new boaters to build relationships. They also offer proven sales and marketing opportunities to showcase new products, innovations and pricing options to boost demand for dealers and manufacturers.

This article by Jen Thompson, NMMA Senior Vice President of Boat Shows, originally appeared in the December issue of Soundings Trade Only.

Develop Marketing & Growth Plans for Your Parts Department

Your parts department is the lifeblood that flows through your dealership. In fact, just about every facet of your business runs through your parts department, so it’s important to grow it, market it, protect it and do so without incurring extra expenses. MRAA TNT Host Jerrod Kelley Introduces you to Sara Hey from Bob Clements International as she shares insights on how to create marketing and growth plans for your parts department. 

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Marine Dealer Guide to Optimizing Your Google Business Profile

Your dealership simply can’t afford not to have a great Google Business Profile. This guide gives you easy steps and helpful checklists to get your profile in shape to increase leads — and increase sales!

Google Business Profiles are an outstanding source of quality organic traffic for your website. Quickly optimize the most important aspects of your Google Business Profile using insights from this new guide.

This guide is an extension of MRAATraining and Dealer Week 2022 Course, “Why Aren’t We Doing That? The Low Hanging Fruit of Digital Advertising” with Octane Marine’s Tim Schmidt.

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2023 revised MRAA Operation: Keep Your Customers Boating Guide

Guide to World Class Customer Experience – Keep Your Customers Boating

With 50 pages of best practices, strategies, insights, downloadable resources, course recommendations and much, much more, this Operation: Keep Your Customers Boating publication is the boating industry’s go-to guide for boat dealers to use in an effort to ensure a world-class customer experience. Revised for 2023.


Boatline Email Marketing Guide

Getting Started With Email Marketing

From MRAA Education Champion Boatline comes this 12-page guide on email marketing. This guide provides your dealership with everything you need to know to engage your customers digitally.

NMLA ‘More Boat Less Monthly’ Brochure

The National Marine Lenders Association (NMLA) recently revised its “More Boat Less Monthly” publication that is designed as a resource for boat dealerships to help educate consumers. The NMLA will officially re-launch the tri-fold pamphlet Dec. 4-7, at MRAA’s Dealer Week Conference in Tampa, Fla., where it is exhibiting. All marine industry groups and organizations involved in promoting the recreational boating lifestyle are encouraged to use this brochure in their marketing efforts. Read full press release here.

Guide to Phone Skills

The Guide to Phone Skills was developed, in conjunction with the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program, to provide marine retailers with tips on hiring and training staff members, auditing a dealership’s phone responses, advice on scripting calls, and how to market a phone number.


Dealer Week 2023 Sales & Marketing Speakers & Courses

You want to quickly turn your boat inventory, bring in more and better leads and gain new strategies for nurturing the leads that you already have. You need to transform your sales and marketing strategies for greater ROI. These five Dealer Week 2023 Sales and Marketing Pathway Sessions will teach you the best sales and marketing plans to implement at your dealership in 2024.


Expert Quick Tip

With Ryan Estis

More than 90% of your customers’ purchasing decision is unconscious, or emotional, so to build trust and connect on an emotional level with each prospects, it imperative for your sales team to ask questions, listen intently and sell with keen understanding and helpfulness.

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Online Courses to Prepare Your Leadership for 2024:

As a dealership salesperson, you’ve witnessed firsthand the boating market’s ongoing change. Your goal is to have your sales team continue to outsell the competition, but to accomplish that you need to refresh your efforts so you can master the basics. This includes your ability to develop customer relationships, collect key customer information and follow-up effectively. Gain proven tactics and resources to take your sales performance to the next level.

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7 Selling Strategies Your Dealership will Need in 2023

with Marcus Sheridan

Some of your sales team’s skills are rusty. Things seemed easy when product was rushing out the doors and many customer objections were outside of your dealership’s control. However, with a new year around the corner and continued uncertainty ahead, you want your team to have the confidence to excel. Learn seven practical strategies to employ now to enhance your sales game and improve customer experience.

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4 Marketing Mistakes Your Dealership Can no Longer Afford

with Danny Decker

Marketing is essential for your dealership because new leads and customers are the lifeblood of the business! And yet, many dealers aren’t getting the results that they should be getting from their marketing.​ With uncertainty ahead, get back on track with a disciplined marketing process.

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Why Aren’t We Doing That? The Low-Hanging Fruit of Digital Advertising

with Tim Schmidt

We know that you want to continually improve your position in your market. To do that, you need to have your marketing geared to your dealership’s current needs. The problem is: Your needs are unique, and your traditional marketing avenues can’t be adjusted to meet them all. In this course, you’ll learn sensible tactics to help you get your digital plan in order and strategies to turbocharge your marketing efforts and bottom line.

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