Boat Buying Strategies for 2025

It’s crucial for your dealership to adopt a boat-buying strategy that gives your business its best chance for success in the second half of 2024 and into next year. To guide your purchasing decisions, you must understand your own dealership’s metrics, as well as industry data relevant to your unique market. When building a buying strategy, it’s often helpful to scan the horizon to identify areas of opportunity and potential pitfalls, calculate current and future inventory costs, review past performance, and collaborate with partners to gain insight into other internal and external changes, including product trends and buyer behavior.


Survey: Boat Buying Strategies for 2025

Learn which boat types marine retailers expect to have the strongest growth in demand for 2025 from the MRAA/Baird/Trade Only Pulse Report survey. Dealers also shared some of the strategies they’ve implemented or worked with their manufacturers to build to help them better prepare for model year 2025.

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Boat Buying Strategies for 2025

Navigating the Waters: Adapting Strategies in a Changing Market

Navigating the Waters: Adapting Strategies in a Changing Market

“One of my favorite quotes: ‘If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.'” — Patrick Green, General Manager at Tobler Marina, May 30, 2024 MRAA Educational Foundation check-in article.

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Guide to Mid-Season Checkup

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Boat Buying Strategies for 2025

The Guide to Navigating 2024

A dedicated web portal was built to help quickly guide your dealership through the contents of the MRAA Guide to Navigating 2024, a resource designed to help you successfully navigate this year and beyond. MRAA Members can download the entire guide to dig even deeper for strategies and best practices.

Understanding your data, inventory and profitability are all critical to help you accomplish your objectives. Along with the chapter scenario planning, pay particular attention to Chapter 3 (Knowing Your Numbers) , Chapter 4 (Managing Inventory) and Chapter 5 (Making Sense of Your Dollars).

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Guide offering tips for dealers, including best practices for improving sales close ratios

Inventory Projection Calculator

As a sales manager, wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a customizable tool to use with your sales team to create individual forecasts and track actual performance?

This resource from David Parker, Owner at Parker Business Planning and popular Dealer Week educator, will help you learn to create a realistic sales forecast by category and month. Use Parker’s Inventory Projection Calculator to help you understand where you stand now and what to expect in the future. The calculator automatically updates and helps your dealership make better inventory management decisions.

Learn more about how to implement this resource into your dealership by watching Parker’s Dealer Week 2023 session, “Tactics to Turn Your Boat Inventory Faster,” which is available today for MRAA Silver & Gold Members.

Image of subject matter expert and speaker David Parker of Parker Business Planning in a blue vest and long-sleeve button up at an MRAA Dealer Week event
WATCH: Courses

Whether you are looking for a course to help you improve in your role at the dealership or are a manager creating a plan to share courses and training with your team, the MRAA Education Team created this guide to courses. You can search by category or topic to find and watch courses to help you improve through implementing best practices.

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Boat Buying Strategies for 2025 - MRAA Training Courses

Tactics to Turn Your Boat Inventory Faster

with David Parker, Parker Business Planning Owner

Effective boat inventory management practices are key to your individual results, your department’s success and your dealership’s profitability and longevity, especially in a softer market. 

However, even the most disciplined of sales teams have gaps between knowing and doing, especially when the skills critical to your success are a little rusty and the market keeps shifting.

Veteran dealership consultant David
Parker shares with you a practical and tactical session on inventory management. Gain the fundamentals of
inventory management, including how to project monthly inventory targets and floorplan interest expense and how to
adjust average inventory levels when floorplan interest rates change.

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MRAA Ask the Expert Webinar — Understanding Consumer Mindset and Interest Rates: Insights for Marine Dealers

with Ian Wyatt, Director of Economics and Commercial Market Strategist at Huntington Distribution Finance

As a dealer and business owner, it’s vital for you to gain any possible tool or knowledge that will help you better understand your customers.

To help you get a better view of consumer mindset, Ian Wyatt an economist at Huntington Distribution Finance, can help you do that and provide you with insights into reasons for confidence in today’s economy.

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MRAA Ask the Expert Webinar — Navigating Marine Dealership Floor Planning: Data-Driven Strategies for 2024 and beyond!

with Brian Tocco, National Sales Manager at Well Fargo Commercial Inventory Finance

As a leader, you need to understand the current economic conditions affecting the marine industry and your dealership. This exclusive MRAA Ask the Expert webinar with Brian Tocco at Wells Fargo Commercial Inventory Finance takes dive deep into the current economic forecast, the status of boat sales,and inventory trends. Leveraging actual data and forward-looking projections, get the knowledge and critical insights you need to navigate the complexities of the market confidently and strategically.

Learning Objectives:

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