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Whether your dealership is participating in boat shows or hosting in-house events, this is the season to let consumers know you are open for business and ready to help them prepare for an incredible boating season … and develop those leads into business for each of their departments. That takes a lot of collaboration between marketing, sales and F&I offices. It involves CRM technology, processes and more! Check out the resources below, which include both free and member resources, and look for additional materials to be added throughout the month.


5 Tips to Using Pre-Qualification Programs to Nurture Leads: You may have noticed that many of the web providers and DMS systems are now providing some version of a “Soft-Pull Pre-Qualification” program. These can provide information to you with regard to your prospective customer’s credit, which can help you successfully nurture more of your leads into sales.

‘Tis the Season for Collecting New Leads: Pre-season is in full swing! Some dealers are smack-dab in the middle of their boat show, and others have already wrapped theirs and are in follow-up mode … With that in mind, be sure you team is prepped with the correct tools to make capturing leads much simpler, because now is the time to start collecting — and qualifying — your leads!

Marina Dock Age Article: ‘Recreation Industries Work Side by Side to Retain Customers’A look at how customer retention will play a key role in keeping customers boating and recreating in, on and under water. MRAA President Matt Gruhn and Chris Edmonston, Vice President of Government Affairs for BoatUS, share insights about retention efforts and the importance of it.


Operation: Keep Your Customers Boating“Operation: KeepYour Customers Boating” is a step-by-step guide to helping you ensure the boat ownership experience exceeds expectations, creating an environment where your customers develop “two-foot-itis” and will be back in to trade up on their boats.

MRAA’s Guide to Boat Shows:The MRAA Guide to Boat Shows will walk you through how to have a successful show season, whether your show is in-person or online.

Realign Your Website Guide: Realign Your Website was created by MRAA, in partnership with Dominion Domains. This guide was designed to help marine retailers set goals and clearly define the ultimate purpose of their website.

The Guide to Customer Relationship Management:This Guide to Customer Relationship Management was created by MRAA in partnership with CDK Global Recreation and DockMaster.

(Available from MRAA’s Certification Consultants)

Ground Zero Process Map

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How to Identify & Attract Your Ideal Customer in 2022, with Danny Decker: You’re operating in unprecedented times. Not only is demand unusually high, but inventory is also unusually low.  However, it’s still important … perhaps even more important … to get crystal clear on who your ideal buyer is and how to attract them. Yes, even when you don’t have any inventory to sell them.

Join marketing guru Danny Decker for this hands-on workshop on defining and segmenting your target market, then developing messaging that will connect with and resonate powerfully with them, allowing you to create raving fans for life. 

Stop Leaking Customers! Master Omni Channel, with Sam Dantzler: Customers expect to shop when and how they want to shop, period. Sometimes that’s online. Sometimes it’s in your store. Sometimes it’s both at the same time. If they weren’t digitally savvy before COVID, the vast majority of them are now.  That means, whether you’ve realized it or not, you’re now operating in a blended retail, aka omni-channel retail environment. Even if you think you’re digitally savvy, it’s time to re-evaluate how you define digital success.

During this presentation, Wheelhouse College’s Sam Dantzler will show you how to plug the (digital) holes in your sales bucket (before it’s too late). He’ll lead you from providing a white glove digital experience to making a seamless transition to an outstanding in-dealership experience, thus turning your digital leads into your newest happy boat customer and raving fan.

Grow Your Business with First Time Boat Buyers, with Jim Million: The MRAA has partnered with Grow Boating to deliver a series of dealer education based on Grow Boating’s First-Time Boat Buyer Study. The first part of this series is titled “Understand and Guide the First-Time Boat Shopper.”

How to Build Your 2021 Marketing Plan with or without a Boat Show, with Marcus Sheridan: As the saying goes, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade, and that’s exactly what’s possible for your marketing plan in 2021, with or without in-person boat shows.

In this presentation, you’ll receive 7 actionable ways to thrive with your marketing that not only meets the demands of today’s digital customer, but also sets you up for success in the years that lie ahead.

How to Sell to First Time Boat Buyers, with Sam Dantzler: With first time buyers on the decline, it’s important to understand that the model for customer acquisition is changing. Fueled by research from Discover Boating, take the next step by identifying what these buyers want in their first engagement with dealers and how to give it to them. This session will cover changes to both the sales process as well as marketing techniques that are designed to help you sell more boats.

Marketing the Boating Lifestyle, with Samantha Scott: You’re familiar with the idea of “selling the lifestyle,” but do you really know how to bring the boating experience to life in your marketing? Learn guidelines for integrating visual elements into all your channels — social media, website, collateral, in-store marketing and more — to better sell the on-water experience. We’ll review best practices for filming your own videos, taking your own photos, making them stand out and getting your customers to share them.

Millennials: How They Work and Why They Buy, with Sam Dantzler: Millennials. If there’s any one-generation that is responsible for your dealership’s success or failure in 2017 and beyond, it’s them. Not only is this generation larger than the Baby Boomers and three-times the size of Generation X, but they also make up one quarter of the U.S. population and collectively represent about $1.3 trillion in annual buying power. Millennials encompass a growing percentage of your workforce, and if they’re not a growing percentage of your customer base, it’s time to turn that around. During this session, gain new insight into this generation, learning both how to transform them into some of your highest performing employees and how to turn them into loyal, repeat customers.

Sell More Boats with CRM Coaching , with Bob McCann: Are you and your salespeople frustrated with your CRM system and the lack of return on your efforts? Learn the proper approach to using a CRM solution in the boat business that will motivate your team to adopt the program so everyone wins. Attend this session for simple answers to your troubles with CRM. Once in place, your CRM will effectively become your game film that will give you the insight to effectively coach your staff.

Why Your Dealership Needs a Business Development Center , with Sam Dantzler: The relationships you develop with prospects and customers drive your dealership’s success. But if your marine business resembles the marine industry average, your customer relationship management (read: follow-up) stinks. You spend thousands of dollars on marketing and events to generate leads and create new customers. Then, you throw away most of what they deliver, focusing instead on the leads your salespeople think they can close today. That’s where a Business Development Center comes into play.

Webinar: A New Tool for Customer Follow-Up, with Bob McCann: Between the spike in consumer demand for boats and the disruptions many dealers have faced as a result of COVID-19, dealership sales teams have been extra frantic the past few months, leading to a rushed purchase process for many boat buyers. The result? Post-sale follow-up is especially important to dealers’ ability to care for those customers – a high percentage of which are first-time boat owners – and retain them. That’s why MRAA has partnered with CSI Inc. to launch a Virtual Business Development Center.During this special edition of our Ask the Expert Webinar Series, Liz Walz and Cecelia Pallotto interviewed sales guru and MRAA Lead Certification Consultant Bob McCann about this new approach to customer follow-up and take your questions.

Webinar: How to Make this Season’s Boat Shows Work for You, with Don Cooper:  In the past two years, the boating market has undergone an historic upheaval. With unprecedented production backlogs, does it even make sense to exhibit at boat shows this year? YES! But why? And more importantly, HOW? Join us online as Don Cooper The Sales Heretic – answers both of these questions. In this insightful webinar, you’ll discover:

• 5 reasons to exhibit at this year’s shows
• What’s different about upcoming shows
• How to make your booth a dynamic experience
• What to do when you don’t have boats to display
• 6 things you can sell at the show (BESIDES boats)
• The hidden opportunities at this year’s shows
• How to leverage the production backlog to drive orders
• And more!

(Available at

Maximize Boat Show Sales: Boat shows remain one of marine dealers’ biggest expenditures. Getting your show strategy right and preparing to execute it well is particularly important in our fast-changing market.  You’ll learn how to update and evolve your sales and CRM strategies and processes to tee up your salespeople for boat show success. This includes both how your boat show sales process should differ from your showroom sales process, and how changes in consumer behavior and expectations should influence the way you train for a successful show and follow up afterward.  Gold and Silver MRAA members, enjoy this course courtesy of the Marine Industry Certified Dealership program. To learn more about Certification, visit

Take Your Dealership from Good to Great, with Sam Dantzler: Most dealerships today are like leady buckets. They spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to attract prospects and customers to boat shows, websites and their front door. When those efforts are successful, the typical dealer watches nearly half of those hard-won leads quickly flow back out again without being captured and put to work to drive current and future business. The result? Lost sales and profitability for the dealership, its employees, partners and the industry at large. During this course you’ll learn how to create this kind of discipline to transform your business from good to great.

BENEFITS FOR ALL MRAA MEMBERS All MRAA members receive one free course annually.

Through the vBDC, MRAA and our partner, Customer Service Intelligence, Inc., will handle your customers with great care, following up with them with gratitude and empathy and will report any issues (and of course, positive feedback) to you so you can keep them happy and on the water, as well as in the queue for that upgraded boat in the not-so-distant future. Enroll today so we can begin helping you strengthen the future of your business.

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