Dealer Week 2020: More Accessible Than Ever

If you’re like most dealers, you can simply shake your head in amazement over what happened in 2020. A fast start, a sudden stop, and an unparalleled, dizzying re-acceleration to the business of selling boats.


The pressing question now appears to be: What does 2021 have in store?


There’s so much to consider with that question. Will I get the inventory I need? Will record sales resume? Will Covid concerns persist? Are there economic challenges ahead? What impact will the election have on my business? And how will my customers respond to it all?


Of course, these are questions you ask when you are at the mercy of whatever the market throws at you, but smart dealers know that the actions they take are what dictate their level of success.


The real question you should be asking yourself is: How will I steer my company to prosperity in 2021? Because the results are in your control.


As you seek to manage inventory levels, sales strategies, the customer experience, service department profitability and more, you can turn to Dealer Week, MRAA’s annual conference and expo, for direction. With the industry’s top experts and leading solution providers gathered in one event, Dealer Week is our industry’s only event geared to helping you maximize your success.


What’s more is that this year, as we move Dealer Week to an online-only event, this educational content becomes more accessible to you and your team than ever before. With no travel, hotel, or meal expenses, or required days out of the office, Dealer Week will be delivered to your dealership, making it the perfect way to train and prepare your team for the year ahead.



If you have not attended Dealer Week previously, you should know that dealers just like you have noted numerous strategies and tactics they have implemented based on what they learned at the event. And for 2020, MRAA has not only increased our investment in the educational content, but we are working with our experts to ensure that it’s as timely and relevant as possible in this rapidly changing business environment. That means you can trust that Dealer Week will provide you with the absolute latest trends, insights, strategies and best practices from the absolute best speakers and trainers.


As you seek to answer the questions that 2021 presents you — as you seek to remain in control of your business’ future — Dealer Week will take the guesswork out of your operations and help you run your business with clarity and confidence. I hope you’ll register today.