Why Statement

Powered by the MRAA and National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the purpose of Discover Boating is to identify growth opportunities within the marine industry and champion those opportunities through consumer communications, targeted programs, and by developing industry education and resources.

The purpose of Discover Boating B2B is to identify growth opportunities within the marine industry, and champion those opportunities through consumer communications, targeted programs, and by developing industry education and resources.

Increase boating participation
  • Generate awareness and interest in the boating lifestyle through the Discover Boating campaign, an integrated marketing strategy grounded in sound research.
Enhance the experience for current boaters

2023 Recreational Boating’s Economic Impact
  • NMMA recently announced data from the 2023 Economic Impact Study of the Recreational Boating Industry, conducted by John Dunham & Associates. This analysis reinforces that recreational boating is a major economic engine in the U.S. and the data underscores the extraordinary growth and demand our industry has experienced coming out of the pandemic.

Resources For Your Business

Dealer Finder Tool

Discover Boating allows your dealership to be a part of a strong and focused industry initiative and gives your business the opportunity to share in the benefits from our national advertising and outreach.

Certified Dealers, receives a premium listing on DiscoverBoating.com’s Dealer Finder, with a live link to your business’s website and phone number. Certified Dealers are also the only dealerships plugged into DiscoverBoating.com’s lead system, delivering leads directly from the site to your dealership. There’s also a Canadian Dealer Finder Tool.

  • Make sure your dealership is showing up on the Dealer Finder
  • Get Marine Industry Certified to have a premier listing on the Dealer Finder
Research & Education

Discover Boating is committed to making strategic marketing decisions that are grounded in sound research and statistics. They share all learnings with the industry to help stakeholders utilize the most cutting edge research and education to help grow marine business. 

Visit this page and access:

  • Webinars
  • Studies
  • Blogs
Promotional Tools

Explore the FREE resources available to help promote your business and increase your engagement with consumers on a local level and beyond.

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  • Full photo library
  • Video gallery
  • Webpage content
  • Facts & figures
  • PR tools
Understand Next-Generation Boaters & Your Opportunities to Connect

Get to know your future customers by listening to this free Discover Boating Webinar.
The research looks into the mindset of the next-generation audience to better understand how to connect with and attract them to boating.

Explore the Why & How of Discover Boating

Learn more about who the Discover Boating “See You Out Here” campaign is reaching, how it’s engaging today’s evolving consumer and why the brand is building long-term market share for boating.