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Nautique Boats Renews Dealer Certification Incentive

MINNEAPOLIS – September 13 – The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas announces that Nautique Boats has renewed its dealer incentive program that provides greater access to the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program and rewards dealers who achieve Certified status. Nautique dealers who earn Dealership Certification by Jan. 1, 2023, are eligible for the incentive, which is effective for the 2023 model year. 

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“As a manufacturer, Nautique has stepped up and chosen to support its dealers in bettering their businesses,” says Liz Keener, MRAA Certification Manager. “Nautique strives to be a partner with its dealers by creating these type of business improvement incentives that are a win-win-win for Nautique, its dealers and its customers.”

Nautique, a member of the Correct Craft family, is an MRAA Strategic Partner, and an advocate for dealer improvement. “We’re always happy to work with Nautique, Correct Craft and their dealers to build a stronger marine industry, starting with fueling success those who work with the customers directly — the dealers,” adds Keener.

“We’re excited to relaunch this incentive for our dealers. As an MRAA partner, we understand the value of the Certification program and the return on investment it offers our dealers,” said Todd Marquardt, senior internal sales manager. “We’re happy to work alongside our dealers to continue to strengthen the Nautique brand and the experience we all deliver to our customers.”

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Additionally, MRAA has developed a new 7-week Certification Program that includes weekly webinars and check-ins with MRAA consultants to provide greater value and interactive guidance for Certified Dealers and their teams. The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program introduces dealers to processes, tools and best practices that help them maintain their focus on endless improvement in their business, within their workforce and through every interaction with their customers.

The Continuous Certification Curriculum, complete with authentic strategies, best practices and shared insights from world-renowned experts, further cultivates meticulousness in their daily approach to operations, while also strengthening the foundation of their business.

The original partnership between the MRAA and Nautique was announced at the 2018 model year dealer meeting, where the MRAA presented the program’s performance benefits. Adhering to its mission, MRAA continues to work in tandem with manufacturers and its partners to engage 100 percent of North American boat dealerships with MRAA’s tools, resources and/or educational programs. This includes generating customized programs, such as Certification, that present their dealer networks with opportunities to pursue excellence. 

About Dealer Certification
The MRAA’s Dealer Certification Program provides a blueprint for boat and engine dealers to create a culture of continuous improvement within their businesses. Dealer Certification focuses on enhancing dealership performance through three key pillars of building a competitive advantage: Operations, Employee Engagement, and Customer Satisfaction. The program unites the best and most effective tools, resources and educational programming offered by the MRAA into one package that offers dealers the most direct route to growth and success in today’s market. For more information, please visit or contact us at 763-315-8043.

About Nautique Boat Company

Nautique is celebrating its 97th anniversary of delivering excellence in the marine industry. A subsidiary of Correct Craft, Nautique has been on the waters of the world with a passion for innovation since 1925. Delivering the very best waterski, wakeboard and wakesurf boats on the market, Nautique continues to drive progression with their award-winning technology and dedication to building the highest-quality boats imaginable. New technology, performance innovations and attention to detail are the cornerstones of what makes the Nautique brand the industry leader. Through the Nautique Cares initiative, employees and athletes dedicate themselves to not only making a difference on the water, but to extend their support to people in need around the world. The world’s best ski boat, world’s best wake boat, and a company that cares. To learn more visit