Continuous Certification


Continuous Certification offers you:

  • An in-depth, hands-on educational experience;
  • Customized content for marine dealers who have met the requirements of Dealership Certification;
  • Exclusive access for Certified Dealers and their teams, on-demand without leaving the dealership;
  • Professionally designed education, built to deliver upon the latest research on how the brain learns;
  • Insights that are designed to change behavior and deliver maximum results;
  • Expertise from some of the MRAA’s most sought-after subject matter experts;
  • Powerful resources brought to you by the same MRAA team that hand-picks the educational line-up for Dealer Week; and
  • Ongoing guidance facilitated by MRAA’s team of Certification Consultants to help you achieve real results.


As a Certified Dealer, balancing continuous improvement with the need to maintain your Certification status is now easier than ever. The Continuous Certification Curriculum, which helps you strengthen the foundation of your business, is based on the tenets of Dealer Certification. The courses, which are exclusively available to Certified Dealers, feature video, reading materials, dealer-to-dealer discussion forums, activities, real-world exercises and testing to help you and your team grow and improve. The curriculum provides insight into the latest trends, strategies and best practices on topics critical to dealer success – and the training and tools dealers need to put what they learn to work in their business.