Promoting Boating Safety is essential to the longevity of promoting the boating lifestyle. When we create more awareness for consumers, they rely on us as a source of information around safe and healthy boating.

Below are resources from MRAA partner, Sea Tow, to help you provide content for newsletters, marketing materials and more!

The below links are tips, tricks and thoughts from Sea Tow Captains that you can share with your customers. Use them in a newsletter, email blast, at an event and more! They are FREE for MRAA members to use, but please ensure you credit the content: “Courtesy of Sea Tow and the Sea Tow Foundation”

Sober Skipper Program

Promote the Sober Skipper Campaign to boaters in your area using free tools. Sober Skipper is centered around the idea that boaters need to make the choice to be or to designate a sober skipper before leaving the dock.

Life Jacket Loaner Program

Since 2008, the Sea Tow Foundation has distributed over 83,000 life jackets to local businesses and organizations across the country. The over 950 life jacket loaner stations currently in operation are placed in locations where boaters will have easy access to the life jackets, such as boat ramps, marinas, and parks.