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MRAA’s Training ‘N’ Tactics

If you want to train your team but don’t know where to start, Training ‘N’ Tactics (TNT) was created for you. Available exclusively to MRAA Silver and Gold members, TNT is a monthly series that dives into MRAA’s courses that have current relevance to marine dealerships. 

Host Jerrod Kelley, MRAA Content Manager, provides context for each session and tips on how to implement the ideas found in each episode. 

TNT Host, Jerrod Kelley

As it has grown, has added so much content that some members ask for advice on where to start. Consider TNT as MRAA’s “Recommended for You” section — with all the best content curated to provide a “training program in a box.”

MRAA's Training N Tactics

2024 TNT Courses

  • “How to Hold Your Digital Accountable” with Rich Delancey
  • “7 Selling Strategies Your Dealership Needs” with Marcus Sheridan
  • “3 Ways to Earn Your Service Customers’ Trust” with Chris Collins
  • “How to Fix Breakdowns in Dealership Communication” with Marcus Sheridan
MRAA's Training N Tactics

2023 TNT Courses

  • “Turn Your Shop Into a Customer Loyalty Machine” with Bob Clements
  • “Develop Marketing & Growth Plans for Your Parts Department” with Sara Hey
  • “Prepare Your Dealership for the Disruption Ahead” with Sam Dantzler
  • “How to Manage Cash Flow in a Crisis” with John Spader
  • “Service CSI & Upselling: Not an Either/or Proposition” with Valerie Ziebron
  • “Moving Inventory Through Positioning and Promotion” with Samantha Scott
  • “Learn to Love Role Playing” with Bob McCann
  • “The Service Clock: Rethink Your Department’s Approach” with Max Materne
  • “Let’s Talk Entanglement” with Sam Dantzler
  • “How to Implement Effective Onboarding”
  • “Three Strikes and You’re NOT Out in F&I” with DJ Stringer
  • “Get Real About Follow-Up or Get Gone!” with Jordon Schoolmeester
MRAA's Training N Tactics

2022 TNT Courses

  • The Managing Me Workshop” with Professor Art Hill
  • Why Your Dealership Needs a Business Development Center” with Sam Dantzler
  • Keep Your Surgeons in Surgery” with Jordon Schoolmeester
  • “HR Strategies to Fill the Gaps in Your Dealership’s Workforce” with Gloria Sinclair Miller
  • Dealer Case Study: “Buy and Sell More Pre-Owned Boats” with Bob Armington and Sam Dantzler
  • Supercharge Your Customer Experience Workshop” with Theresa Syer
  • Boost Efficiency by Navigating Dealership Change” with Jim Million
  • “Ease the Pain of Seasonality Through Better Processes” with David Foco
  • “Fill the Gaps in Your Sales Process” with Jim Million and Bob McCann
  • Dealer Case Study: “An Alternative to the Performance Review” with Sean Horsfall of Len’s Cove Marina
  • “How to Create a Marketing Plan When You Don’t Have Any Inventory” with Danny Decker
MRAA's Training N Tactics

2021 TNT Courses

  • A is for Attitude” with Sam Dantzler
  • Attract and Keep Techs” with Valerie Ziebron
  • Increase Closing Rates with Content Marketing” with Marcus Sheridan
  • Reducing Repair Cycle Times” with Valerie Ziebron
  • Get Ahead of the Pre-Owned Opportunity” with Tony Gonzalez
  • How to Navigate Difficult Customer Conversations” with John Spence
  • Texting Customers: Do’s, Dont’s, and How to Make it a Win-Win” with Bob McCann and Graham Anderson
  • “How to Catch Up in Service” with Max Materne
  • “Future-Proof Your Business” with Troy Hazard
  • “How to Thrive on the Other Side” with John Spence
  • “Telling Ain’t Training” with Jim Million

If you are already a Silver or Gold member, here’s how to access the Training ‘N’ Tactics courses:

Click on and log in.

Search “TNT” just as you see here. OR, scroll down on the MRAATraining dashboard to find the course in the “Featured Courses” section.

Sherri Cuvala
Sherri Cuvala

If you are not yet a Silver or Gold member, contact Sherri Cuvala, MRAA’s membership manager, at 763.333.2420 or