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Manage the Boat Sales Dilemma

Every new sales season presents a unique dilemma: How do you meet sales goals while simultaneously providing a world-class customer experience? Honestly, it’s no wonder the priority gets placed on sales: Driving revenue pays the bills and selling boats prevents inventory costs from escalating. It’s a win-win. But overlooking the customer experience sets you up for a lose-lose scenario. As you jump from one sale directly to the next without following-up and ensuring customers get what they expect out of their boating experience, you sacrifice repeat and referral business. How much is that costing your business?

Keep customers happy for life and ensure 100-percent follow-up today.

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100% Follow-Up for 100% CSI


Did you know: On average, only 4 percent of dissatisfied customers will complain to a business? The other unhappy customers take their business elsewhere. Make post-sale follow-up a priority for the future health of your business.


Did you know: Every year, 35-40 percent of boat buyers never hear from their dealer after the sale. And 40 percent of first time boat buyers sell their boat and leave boating within 5 years of purchase. Do you know your customers’ stats?


The MRAA and Customer Service Intelligence, Inc., boast years of partnership focused on helping dealers like you find success. Tap into a wealth of experience, a passion for your success and numerous resources that will help you grow.

A Simplified Customer Experience

Behind the scenes, MRAA and CSI, Inc. will care for your customer with world-class service. We’ll send them a personalized thank you email, connect with them by using the method they prefer, a text or phone call to ask them about their experience, email you their feedback and give you the opportunity to follow up with them, resolve issues and ultimately improve the customer experience. All you need to do is:

1.  Enroll in the vBDC.

2. Sell / deliver the boat.

3.  Send customer info to vBDC.       

4.  Receive customer feedback.

Save time and ensure repeat and referral business through the MRAA Virtual Business Development Center.

The No. 1 Way to Create Loyal Customers

Today’s customers research their purchases, arrive with strong opinions, and navigate most of the sales funnel before you even speak. As you know, they aren’t buying a boat just to own something. They purchase the boat because they have an experience or lifestyle in mind. They have visions of cruising off into the sunset, learning to wake surf, landing a trophy fish or spending time with the family. But while they may be experts on what they want, they are NOT the experts on how to make the most of that boating lifestyle. That’s where you come in.

As their dealer, your relationship with the customer should just be getting started when the paperwork is complete. There are many ways you can help their boating dreams come true, but the most important step in that journey is the post-sale follow-up. Making sure that the owner, or the sales person, or a customer experience-focused staff member, or MRAA’s Virtual Business Development Center, makes contact with the customer after the sale to ensure their experience is meeting their expectation is the No. 1 way to create repeat and referral business. MRAA has created templates, call scripts and job descriptions to help you with this. We’ve produced webinars and a publication on the topic to provide further insight. But if you need help, the MRAA Virtual Business Development Center can bring this critical effort to life in your dealership.

Through the vBDC, MRAA and our partner, Customer Service Intelligence, Inc., will handle your customers with great care, following up with them with gratitude and empathy and will report any issues (and of course, positive feedback) to you so you can keep them happy and on the water, as well as in the queue for that upgraded boat in the not-so-distant future. Enroll today so we can begin helping you strengthen the future of your business.