3 Types of MRAA Board Members

The MRAA Board of Directors is made up of boat dealer principals and executives, and has three types of board members:

Regional Directors

MRAA breaks its membership down into 11 regions, representing a selection of states for Regions 1-10 and for Canada as a whole (Region 11). With this structure, MRAA has 11 Regional Directors to represent their region, engage with members in that region, and provide insight and direction based on dealer needs in that region.


MRAA has four Board officers, each of whom serve a two-year term: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, and Immediate Past Chair. The four officers, along with three other Board members (selected by a vote of the MRAA Board) represent the MRAA Executive Committee.

At Large Directors

On occasion, the MRAA seeks to appoint another voice to the MRAA Board. As appointed by the MRAA Chair, then, Regional Directors represent the voice of boat dealers, and they serve a one-year term. Typically, one Board At Large seat is reserved for the Chair of MRAA’s Young Leaders Advisory Committee.

Because of the differing term lengths, each year, there are new opportunities to join the MRAA Board of Directors and MRAA Educational Foundation Board of Directors, and we both welcome and encourage you to apply to join the board.

The MRAA accepts applications for new board members annually, and all applications submitted prior by end of day on May 15, 2024, including past applicants, will be considered for open board seats. Once all applications are received, the MRAA Board Development Committee will meet to review applications and schedule a brief conversation with applicants. Applicants will be notified soon after they are nominated to a board seat.

The MRAA general membership votes on the slate of nominations at the MRAA Annual Meeting, held each year as part of Dealer Week: The MRAA Conference & Expo. New board members start their term January 1st, with an orientation before their first formal board meeting. It is preferred that incoming board members attend Dealer Week where they are voted into their seat.

Please note that MRAA Board positions are unpaid, and MRAA Board Members are expected to pay for their own travel and accommodations for in-person meetings (typically once a year). MRAA Board Members are also expected to maintain their membership with MRAA and attend the annual conference. In addition, the MRAA Board has created a list of MRAA Board Expectations you should be aware of and in agreement with prior to applying for a Board seat.

Any questions on this or other Board related matters can be directed to the MRAA Chair or the MRAA President.

To serve on Marine Retailers Association Board of Directors you must meet the requirements and accept the terms as outlined on the MRAA Board Expectations. After meeting those requirements, the Board Development Committee will evaluate your application based on:

  • Involvement, participation and activities previously involved with at MRAA;
  • Commitment to dealership leadership and why you want to serve;
  • Experience, strengths and leadership history.

MRAA Board Application

Every year, the MRAA Board of Directors has a few board seats open up for renewal, and the association begins a search for new board members. This year, the MRAA Board AND the MRAA Educational Foundation board of directors are searching for new board members. If you’re ready to give back to your industry and volunteer as a board member, please consider filling out the application found at this link.

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