‘BoatUS Magazine’ Wins 5 Awards for Writing Excellence

SPRINGFIELD, Va., Feb. 22, 2023 – Boating Writers International, the professional association for writers, editors, publishers, bloggers, photographers and videographers in the recreational boating and fishing industries, bestowed five awards on BoatUS Magazine staff and contributors during a presentation recently held at the group’s annual meeting at the 2023 Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show.

The awards, which attracted 267 entries, recognized the best marine writing and content to winners across 15 categories. Recipients were awarded a plaque noting their “excellence in creating compelling stories about boating through entertaining, educational and inspiring journalism” as well as cash prizes.

BoatUS Magazine articles earned a first-, two second-, and two third-place awards across three categories.

BoatUS Magazine contributing editor Frank Lanier earned a first-place prize in the 2022 BWI Awards for his feature, “7 Ways to Murder Your Diesel.”

Category: Seamanship, Rescue & Safety (sponsored by Sea Tow Services International)

First place: “7 Ways to Murder Your Diesel” by BoatUS Magazine contributing editor Frank Lanier (April/May 2022 issue). BWI Judge Jim Rhodes said, “This subject could have been just another boring technical piece on diesel maintenance, but the author cleverly introduces famous fictional detectives to pose the question: Who killed this diesel, and how did the murderer do it?”

Second place: “When the Tail Wags the Dog” by BoatUS Magazine contributing editor Dan Armitage (April/May 2022 issue). A scary firsthand experience creates the perfect entry to explain how to reduce the chances of fishtailing or jackknifing while trailering a boat.

Category: Boating Issues, News and Analysis (sponsored by Mercury Marine)

Second place: “How Often are Your Electronic Charts Updated?” by BoatUS Magazine contributing editor Tim Murphy (November/December 2022 issue). Electronic navigation charts aren’t updated as often as boaters think they are. Tim gets to the bottom of the issue and offers a few workarounds for when having the latest info is critical.

Third place: “From Barges to Pleasure Boats” by BoatUS Magazine senior editor Rich Armstrong (February/March 2022 issue). BoatUS is helping to shape the future of recreational boating on New York’s historic Erie Canal.

Category: Environmental Awareness & Education (sponsored by Torqeedo)

Third place: “Can we Rise with the Tide?” by BoatUS Magazine contributing editor Fiona McGlynn (September/October 2022 issue). Sea levels have been creeping up for decades, and the speed is accelerating. Recreational boaters need to be proactive.