Consignment Promo

Now you know that you can make more money through consignment sales. Now it’s time to begin attracting sellers to offer their boat through your consignment program. The following text can be used as a template to promote your consignment services. MRAA encourages you to modify this text to fit your own business.

11 Reasons to Consign Your Boat
Looking to sell your boat? Whether you want to upgrade or just to get out from under your current boat, WE can help you. (INSERT DEALERSHIP NAME) can help you get more money for your boat and can help you sell your boat faster. Here are the Top 11 Reasons you should get started today.

  1. We have greater exposure to potential buyers in our showroom, on our lot and on our multiple marketing websites.
  2. Our professionally trained sales force has many years of experience selling boats.
  3. We create and place advertising to generate interest in your boat.
  4. We keep your boat clean and detailed while it is for sale.
  5. We handle all the phone calls, emails from potential buyers.
  6. We perform all the demonstrations, test drives and sales presentations. It is our responsibility to weed out the time wasting “tire kickers.”
  7. A faster sale saves you money on loan payments, insurance and storage costs.
  8. We can offer and sell an extended warranty on your boat, eliminating your risk of paying for unexpected repairs after the sale. It also protects you from potential embarrassment, hassle or damage to buyer-seller relationships in the event a serious problem surfaces after the sale.
  9. We can offer and arrange financing to make it easier and more convenient for buyers to close the deal.
  10. We can accept a trade-in on the sale of your boat.
  11. Our reputation as a well-respected boat dealer who takes great care of our customers gives buyers greater confidence to purchase a used boat.

All these advantages that our dealership brings to the table work together to sell your consignment boat faster, to save you time, money and hassle in selling it yourself, and ultimately puts more dollars in your pocket and gives you greater peace of mind. Sign up with us today!

MRAA Disclosure: As always, ensure honesty in your promotions by stating facts that will help you move more product. Please check with legal counsel before implementing a consignment program. MRAA makes no representations to the legality of these consignment guidelines.