Master Boat Trailering Video

• Discover Boating, in collaboration with Progressive Insurance®, launches new video in Top Safe Boating Tips series to help your customers become a pro at trailering

“Trailering trailering might seem like a chore but when it’s done right it’s all smooth sailing from the driveway to the docks,” says Monica Fuentes, Discover Boating Ambassador, in the latest installment of the Discover Boating, powered by NMMA and MRAA, “Top Safe Boating Tips” series.

Recently launched, the fourth video —  Master Boat Trailering Like a Pro — in the five-video series, in collaboration with Progressive Insurance®, helps boaters improve at trailering. From essential trailering safety tips to trailer maintenance to loading and retrieving a boat, the video serves a great safety reminder for boat owners.

The five-part Top Safe Boating Tips series teaches boaters good safety habits and best practices for success on and off the water, helping them to create a more worry-free day on the water. Here are the 2024 topics:

The short-form videos (in addition to longer versions) were created by Discover Boating and Progressive Insurance to engage boaters and the next generation of boating enthusiasts and owners. Discover Boating will share the new videos socially, via consumer email distributions and on its websites in the U.S. and Canada. Discover Boating will also promote the video(s) on the Discover Boating blog, DB TV section, and

Master Boat Trailering like a pro video
Image courtesy of Discover Boating

Marine retailers and other industry stakeholders are encouraged to share them. Here are six places to share the safety videos to engage your customers and prospects:

  1. Website
  2. Social media feeds
  3. Newsletter
  4. Emails
  5. Text (w/permission)
  6. Showroom screens

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