MRAA Certified Dealership Program Helps Your Business Reach New Heights

• Create a more efficient, effective and resilient dealership that delivers an industry-leading customer experience

To properly evaluate your dealership, you need to think like an eagle. According to, raptors (birds of prey) have superb vision at a distance, but the eagle is supreme with the ability to see roughly eight times as far as humans! Precision eyesight like this allows it to spot and pick off a slow-moving fish swimming near the lake surface from a couple of miles away. The equivalent would be you sizing up that Five Guys bacon cheeseburger, fries and chocolate milkshake sitting in front of you on a food tray. All you have to do now is grab them and enjoy!

MRAA Certified Dealership Program Helps Your Business Reach New Heights

The eagle analogy gets you to take flight and soar above when viewing your business and aim finer when gauging your dealership’s current and full potential. As a leader, it’s wise to get in the weeds and get your hands dirty — as long as you don’t micromanage and hamper your workforce’s ability to do great things. That’s why it’s also sensible to pull back and give yourself a broader view to maintain a clear vision, control your emotions and focus on well-defined decision-making.

However, finding the time or committing time to focus on annual improvement is challenging in a boat dealer’s world. It’s even more trying when you lack the process, accountability and tools to improve in a manner you envision. But your development and refinement are necessary to reach the next level and become a true leader in the industry.

That’s why you need the guidance of a structural engineer to help you establish efficient and effective processes and craft your blueprint for success. That’s where the MRAA Certified Dealership Program comes into play. With its seven-week, step-by-step guidance and consultation, you’ll draft a design for improvement that produces more success, generates team harmony and helps you manager customer expectations.

3 Ways Certification Helps Your Dealership Stand Apart in the Marine Market

  1. Standardize and publish your processes: Achieving program requirements helps you establish effective and efficient systems and processes.
  2. Improve Your Team: Learn how to create a continuous-improvement culture and get your team on board while enhancing employee engagement and retention.
  3. Bring in new customers: Certification, a commitment to your customers, helps you generate new business and enhance customer loyalty.
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3 Certification Steps to Help Your Dealership Soar Above & Reevaluate Your Business

  1. Guide & MRAA Consultant: Because accountability is essential to Certification, a personal consultant is assigned to walk you through the process.
  2. Weekly Webinars: Work alongside your consultant and an assembly of your peers in 90-minute webinars over seven weeks to learn best practices for earning Certification.
  3. Show & Tell: The hard work and dedication to the MRAA Certified Dealer Program ensure you produce a first-rate customer experience. So you need to tell your customers that their boat ownership and shopping experiences WILL be different when they do business with you!

3 Certification Program Requirements

  1. Employee satisfaction survey (ESS): The ESS is taken annually by dealership staff at Certified locations. It asks employees more than 30 questions about your dealership’s culture, where they rate the dealership on a scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree.
  2. Tracking and trending customer experiences: A close examination of your dealership’s CSI numbers helps you compare your year-to-year numbers and to your competition to create an action plan for improving your customer experience and, ultimately, your CSI scores.
  3. Sharing best practices: Peer-to-peer feedback, which includes business acumen and insightful reasoning, will help bolster Certified Dealers’ operations.
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Make the Commitment; Reach New Heights
The MRAA Certified Dealership Program provides you with absolute determination to improve the critical facets of your operation. It will help you stay composed and more resilient to change, even when facing market uncertainty. Much like the eagle, striving to aim higher and soar above everyone will make you one of the highest-performing dealers in the marine industry.

The MRAA Certification Webinar Series will help you get there in only seven weeks! You can still enroll in the program, as spots are available in the October 18th and 31st sessions. Fill out the form and get started today!

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