MRAA’s Dealer Certification Program Launches 2022 Education

MINNEAPOLIS, January 18, 2022 — The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program has released its 2022 Continuous Certification Curriculum.

For 2022, Certified Dealers will be earning credits for four courses. The first, launched January 12, is “The Key Performance Indicators of a Profitable Dealership” by Bob Clements and Sara Hey of Bob Clements International. The second course, coming in April, is “The Five Red Flags that Derail Your Recruiting and Retention Effort” by Kelly McDonald of McDonald Marketing. Certified Dealerships enrolled in the 2022 Continuous Certification program have exclusive access to these courses.

MICD 2022 Certification
For their other two credits, dealers can choose from a selection of courses on Parts & Accessories and a selection of courses on Sales. Some dealers already earned their credits in these categories at Dealer Week in Austin, Texas, in December, and January 11-13, at Dealer Week Online. Other Certified Dealership staff can view the courses in the spring.

The Marine Industry Certified Dealership program, run by the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, requires that dealers complete this education, plus five other annual requirements to maintain their Certified Dealer status in the years following their initial Certification. The other requirements include: an Assessment & Affidavit, Facility Check worksheets, an Employee Satisfaction Survey and staff meeting, a CSI Tracking & Trending evaluation and a Performance Planning exercise.

Being a Certified Dealer gives them access to this high-level education, time with a consultant, discounts on some programs and other benefits.

“The 2022 Continuous Certification Curriculum addresses dealers’ needs. Our first course, on key performance indicators, has been requested for years. April’s course, on recruiting and retention, could not come at a better time, because dealers are running into obstacles keeping a full staff,” said Liz Keener, MRAA’s Certification Manager. “We are offering Parts & Accessories courses for the first time since we launched the program in 2018. And of course, Sales is always a hot topic, so we included it.”

The Continuous Certification curriculum strengthens the already solid foundation dealers formed during their initial Certification process. The education is focused on the three pillars of Certification: Operations, Employee Engagement and Customer Experience. Leadership can share the education with their entire workforce to foster employee development and to reach those whom the topics resonate with the most.

Dealers enrolled in the program have exclusive access to the Continuous Certification Curriculum through The courses are on-demand, video-based education, allowing dealers to login and complete the requirements any time between their release and the November 30, 2022, program deadline.

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