New Customer Acquisition Package

• MRAA adds a new education course on to help its Members improve at gaining customers in a softer market

Chances are you or someone on your sales team has used the term “tire kickers” during your sales meetings conversations.The slang term, which carries with it a negative connotation, stems from the automotive market and refers to someone who seems interested in a vehicle but will not ever make a purchase.

New Customer Acquisition Package - MRAATraining

These uncertain shoppers are really only there to mull over their potential options. You can’t call what they are doing purchasing, it’s more like daydreaming in public. For our purposes, we’re going to call these indecisive consumers “barnacle browsers.” (Thanks, Bob McCann!)

We understand it’s frustrating to deal with a barnacle browser that can’t ever fully commit, even if they are profoundly informed and desire to go boating. To help your team find the right customers, manage their expectations, cultivate trust and convert them to loyal buyers, we’ve created an all-new Customer Acquisition Education course package on to guide your team to greater success in attracting the types of customers who want to learn from you and, yes, even buy their boat from you.

3 Customer Acquisition Education Courses + 1 MRAA Guide
The new education and training package contains three relevant and popular courses, consisting of three digital Dealer Week Online courses with leading industry experts and educators in the field. We’ve also included the  MRAA Guide to Navigating 2024. I’ll break down the package below.

New Customer Acquisition Package - Ryan Estis

Course 1: Selling Value and Experience in the New Economy with Ryan Estis
Your customer’s expectations and behaviors have moved to warp speed! Sadly, if they continue this evolution and speed, many sales organizations will get left behind. To help you stay ahead of the curve, educator and Dealer Week 2023 Keynote Ryan Estis shares with you the importance of implementing a new sales experience that includes a value-based and deeply customized approach.

In this highly-rated course, Estis helps you focus on delivering value within the decision cycle, creating urgency and ways to avoid falling back on pricing. You’ll learn advice and insight for including action planning and preparing for customer interactions. By understanding customer psychology and the DNA of a top producer. Not only will he show you how to customize and humanize each experience and individual touchpoint, but he’ll also help you leverage your team’s expertise to build trust, foster relationships and drive decisions that end with a closed deal.

New Customer Acquisition Package - Danny Decker

Course 2: Use Facebook & Instagram to Generate Leads that Turn into Buyers with Danny Decker
Digital is life. Your customers and prospects are online, shopping for products and experiences to change their lives. That’s why it’s important to create effective ad strategies for your Facebook and Instagram business profiles. Speaker and marketing expert Danny Decker shares with you tips and best practices to generate a successful campaign that boosts ad performance and delivers ROI for today’s challenging and ever-changing market.

This course can put you on a better track to build quality leads that fit your new and pre-owned inventory on your lot today and for what’s coming your way soon. Decker offers you strategies that help you gain the confidence needed to build marketing and advertising efforts that generate leads.

New Customer Acquisition Package - Dom Zappia

Course 3: Overcome Objections with Next Level Desking and Financing with Dom Zappia
Objections usually surface because of doubt and opposition to pricing or market conditions. In this course, financing guru Dom Zappia will help you advance reluctant customers to the next step in sales. He’ll also show you ways to use conversation to build trust and clarity to improve your negotiations. The use of key tools can help you understand customers better, like knowing their pain points and financial motivators, so you can help them feel more in control.

Zappia provides you with finance department strategies to use throughout the buying process to outlast objections and deliver compelling reasons to buy now rather than “wait it out.” Learn how to help your customers understand how affordable a boat can be.

New Customer Acquisition Package on includes MRAA Guide to Navigating 2024

MRAA Guide to Navigating 2024
The Guide to Navigating 2024 will arm you and your team with the guidance, strategies and tactics you need to help make confident business decisions and find more success in 2024 and beyond. It helps you strengthen your dealership’s position in the market with 11 strategies and more than 60 tools and resources to apply for success. The guide helps you create a proactive plan to handle challenges with flexibility and poise.

We have built a dedicated web portal related to each strategy included so you can take action and employ the learnings at your dealership. [Note: Some tools and resources are available to all MRAA Retail Members, while others are only available to MRAA Silver or Gold Members.]

MRAA Silver and Gold Members can access the entire MRAA Customer Acquisition Package here.