Onboarding With Purpose

For me, the coming of peak season is like when I have already seen a horror movie. I remember the moments when the bad guy starts the chainsaw or when the monster pounces out of the darkness. It is exhilarating, but I’m ready for what is coming. But my friend hasn’t seen it before, and he is about to be frightened and isn’t prepared for the oncoming jump-scare scene. The same may be said for your new hires as they enter the busiest season if they haven’t had the experience of a quality onboarding program.

Proper onboarding prepares your new employee for the upcoming seasonal surprises and the potential challenges of peak-season expectations.

“Organizations with standard onboarding processes experience a 50-percent increase in productivity,” said Grace Lau Dialpad Director of Content. She also noted that employees who go through an “effective onboarding program feel 18 times more committed to their organization.” 

You can ease the fright and tension of peak season while building commitment and increasing your new hire’s productivity by instituting your onboarding program.

Onboarding with purpose: New MRAA Guide to Onboarding

The new MRAA Guide to Onboarding helps you understand the term “onboarding with purpose.” As an MRAA Member, you’ll understand why there is a need for onboarding, why process matters and have access to checklists to create and institute your own onboarding program.

In fact, the MRAA provides three options to assist you in advancing your onboarding development.

  1. Consider the 7 steps to get started with your plan.
  2. Review the onboarding checklists to further develop and refine an onboarding process.
  3. Review the entire guide to fully understand onboarding and to establish and institute a full onboarding program.

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