MRAA Advocacy Toolkit

Advocacy Toolkit

Your business is affected by policies and regulations that are written in state legislatures and Congress, so naturally we want to ensure that you have a voice in how those laws are crafted.

This Advocacy Toolkit is designed to give you a baseline understanding of what advocacy and lobbying entails, ways to get engaged with MRAA’s advocacy efforts, and resources for you to begin outreach to your elected officials.

Aimie (AI for Marine Industry Education)

Aimie is an AI-powered platform, educated on the MRAA’s vast amount of content and educational programs and designed to answer your most challenging questions on how to run your dealership. Ask AIMIE anything about how to find success in your dealership, such as:

  • “How do I better manage my inventory?”
  • “Write me a job description for an entry level service tech.”
  • “What are other marine dealers seeing in the market right now?”
  • “Give me an education plan for my new service manager.”
  • “Write me a social media post to promote our presence at __ boat show.”
Image of MRAA AI system AIMIE
Strengthen your service department with Service Management Certification from MRAA/ABYC

Service Management Certification

As a dealership professional, your ability to successfully manage the shop’s performance is critical to customer loyalty, employee retention, and the dealership’s stability and health.

Service Management Certification was built for you in partnership between the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) and the American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC).

It is designed to help you improve as a leader and arm you with the knowledge, skills and tools to guide your service department and your entire marine business to higher levels of performance.

This guide will arm you with the guidance, strategies and tactics you need to gain confidence and make good decisions to help fuel you and your team’s success.


Not an MRAA Member? Get a Special Preview to Guide to Navigating 2024 here.

As a special feature of this guide, we’ve assembled a dedicated web portal for you with tools and resources related to each of the strategies we recommend so you can take immediate action to apply what you’re learning.

Some of those tools and resources are available to all MRAA Retail Members. Others are only available to MRAA’s Silver or Gold Members.