Master Your Pre-Sale Follow-Up

To outperform the market in 2023, your dealership will need to get back on track with your pre-sale follow-up. That means inserting strong strategies and tactics to reconnect with all of your customers. This includes addressing who and how you manage your CRM logs and understanding the customers’ journey before they buy (and after!).

But what works today may be different than what worked for you back in 2019. Here’s what you need to know to nurture your boat sales leads today.


Dealers shared some proven pre-sale follow-up tactics that they have implemented to boost their sales department performance.

Master the Sales Basics

Sales Basics Course Package: A 5-Part Series for Every Dealership

As a dealership salesperson, the past few years have been anything but normal. Many of the skills that once set you apart from the rest are now a little rusty.

It is time for a reset, a refresh, a sharpening of the skills to help you knock the rust off and transform knowledge back into action.

Courses Included:

  • Hitting & Blocking: The Fundamentals of Sales
  • Buyer Motivation: Key to Building Value
  • Get Real about Follow-Up or Get Gone
  • Questioning and Listening for Stellar Sales Results
  • Getting More People to the Desk

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The Fortune is in the Pre-Sale Follow-Up

EVERY customer should be followed up with promptly and systematically after they visit your showroom. Through nurturing your leads and a solid pre-sale follow-up process, which includes relationship building, you can ensure that your dealership becomes top of mind when a customer is ready to buy a boat?

Bob McCann, MRAA shares blog on the importance of pre-sale follow-uip

Use TNT for Team Training on Follow-Up

“Let’s talk ENTANGLEMENT” with Sam Dantzler

Imagine if you could improve your approach to follow-up, especially in the pre-sale phase. We understand that that last few years have been an anomaly because “selling” boats felt more like order taking and the demand from consumers was plain crazy. However, looking ahead – and with inventory stabilizing and new uncertainty in the air – it’s time to re-invest in pre-sale follow-up to ensure leads don’t get lost. It’s time to nurture your leads to help your dealership and also give these customers the experience they deserve.

That’s why we’ve collected a couple of key educational snippets focused on “Entanglement” from subject matter expert Sam Dantzler that will help you improve your customer logs, handling of leads and your follow up tactics.

MRAA Silver and Gold Members can access this brand new course here.

What’s Old Is New Again

How early 2023’s marketplace mirrors 2019 and early 2020, and what to do about it.

Four tips to ensure you’re delivering on a customer experience like never before!

Prior to the pandemic, industry stats suggested that dealers were less than impressive with follow-up routines, with greater than 50% of incoming leads going unanswered, and boat buyers who were never contacted for follow-up. ”
— MRAA President Matt Gruhn from Soundings Trade Only column.

Digital Retailing, Websites & Online Presence

Your dealership’s website optimization strategy should be hyper-focused on elevating the inventory shopping experience and capturing as much pre-sales information as possible, so the deal can hit the ground running once customers enter the showroom floor.” — Jason Riley is the Director of Marketing for Rollick

Image of salesperson on the phone at boat dealership who has become robotic in their approach to sales and rusty in their skills

Sales Rust Doesn’t Look Good on You!

7 tactics to help your sales team restore its sales game and improve pre-sale follow-up.