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Thank you for attending the MRAA video presentation at Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York, April Meeting!

These online education course clips were designed to help you and your team strengthen your sales basics so you can outperform the boating market in the year ahead. As part of the presentation, you learned several keys to success with your dealership’s sales process.

From Sam Dantzler of Garage Composites and Sam’s Dock at Wheelhouse College.

From Bob McCann of MRAA.

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Boost Sales by Adding Structure to the Interview

  • Watch this video once you get to slide 11 of your Sales Basics Presentation.
  • Below, download Guest Survey, Sales Productivity Workbook, and the 5 Role Play Scenarios.
  • Then, return to your Sales Basics Presentation (slide 12).

Hitting & Blocking: The Fundamentals of the Sale

  • Watch this video once you get to slide 10 of your Sales Basics Presentation.
  • Below, download the RACE Sales Process.
  • Then, return to the Sales Basics Presentation (slide 11).
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