Share Your Passion and Knowledge; Become a Dealer Ambassador

Imagine if you could share your knowledge of recreational boating and your passion for the industry in a way that ensures your voice is heard. Sometimes it feels like you share your thoughts only to be overlooked. There is a way to share your insights and ensure your educated insights on boating issues are seen and clearly heard. You can confidently continue your advocacy efforts and be part of larger team by becoming an industry ambassador. 

The MRAA is looking for more dedicated dealers to join our Dealer Ambassador program, because when dealers talk, decision makers listen! The Dealer Ambassador program is a team of dealers throughout the country who are willing to engage at a state and federal level on policy priorities of the recreational boating industry. These range from testifying Infront of Congress and your state legislature, to simply forging relationships with legislators in your state.

Currently, there are Dealer Ambassadors in every state but FOUR! We are currently seeking industry leaders in these states: South Carolina, New Mexico, West Virginia and South Dakota! The entire MRAA team is determined to add committed dealers in these states (and potentially others, too), so we have representation in every state of the union.

If you are interested in joining the Ambassador program or want more information, email Chad Tokowicz, Government Relations Manager.