Strengthen Your Service Department

Service Managers face tremendous challenges every day.  They confront workforce shortages, wavering efficiency and concerning proficiency numbers, increasing repair event cycle times, teamwork issues, quality control problems, lowering customer satisfaction scores and so much more. And to make it even more painful, there just hasn’t been a true training pathway to help them to overcome all the obstacles that meet them at the door every day.

Most service managers want to comprehend and manage their challenges and ensure that their department is outstanding. Now with the help of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) and the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) service managers throughout the marine industry can refine their skills and gain the training they need. 

Strengthen your service department with Service Management Certification from MRAA/ABYC

Developed in partnership with the MRAA and the ABYC, and featuring Lead Instructor, Valerie Ziebron, this incredible Service Management Certification program guides a Service Manager through 11 courses covering an assortment of dealership topics, including:

  • Creating a proactive service department
  • Managing and developing oneself and their department
  • Managing specific details like facilities and technology
  • Evaluating and managing for financial success
  • Understanding and improving CSI
  • How to make the service the team and the manager better communicators
  • Developing and refining service department processes
  • Coaching and motivating team members
  • Tactics to handle workforce shortages
  • Techniques for staff discipline and termination
  • Goal setting
  • Onboarding

Every dealership service department faces daily tasks, weekly challenges and annual changes. The courses will help your team face these obstacles head on, while reducing service stress, boosting service loyalty and improving service performance.

I have spent time in the service department manager’s chair and walked several miles in their shoes. Countless hours have been spent developing these details and reviewing best practices working with both Valerie and numerous service department leaders across the country. I have reviewed every script and looked at every slide within the program. 

The courses and education provide knowledge that applies to every service manager, from those just starting out to the most experienced service department leaders.  I found the time spent on key performance indicators and on managing customer expectations especially insightful. You will be introduced to fantastic opportunities to improve throughout the program. Completing the certification will create positive change in your dealership. 

As the lead instructor, Valerie provides a suitable level of concrete examples mixed with her wealth of experience. Her focus on “golden nuggets of best practices” connects the learning directly to the service shop and the service desk. An industry expert and renowned speaker, Valerie founded VRZ Consulting in 1989. Throughout the certification process, her insights, and her dedication to increasing your service department success shine through. Be assured that the learning is “on point,” directed where it needs to be on the service department and focused on excellence.  

Not only do the courses provide an expansive amount of learning but also the printed study guide (114 pages!) and the downloadable workbook, which we consider your toolbox, give rock-solid, hands-on tools easily used and implemented with the service team and throughout the dealership. 

This is the time to review, refine and strengthen your service department to take it to the top tier of performance, and now there is a way to help make that happen. 

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