Discover Boating Content Creators Inspire Next Gen Boaters to Spend Time on the Water

Discover Boating, powered by MRAA and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), partnered with dozens of Instagram and TikTok content creators across the U.S. and Canada throughout summer to inspire the next generation of boaters to get on the water and enjoy the benefits of boating. From cruising and wakesurfing to fishing and sailing, influencers showed their followers how and why to experience the boating lifestyle with help from Discover Boating. The amount of engagements generated (likes, shares, comments, etc.) indicates the content was impactful and resonated with the influencers’ audiences.

Image supplied by NMMA.

Comments included:

  • “This all looks so fun! Thanks for sharing!” – @blairvmeeks
  • “Love this! Hopefully we can check it out one weekend!”- @morristosee
  • “Wake surfing is so much fun!!”- @madelynonthemove
  • “Ok funnnnn I need to try! I’ve been craving a boat day!” – @kate_trafford
  • “You’ve been out on the water this summer! I love it! That’s what I should be doing.” – @blackhikingqueen

Recent Instagram and TikTok posts:

If you have questions regarding Discover Boating’s influencer partnership program, please contact NMMA’s Maggie Maskery at