Discover Boating Drives Introductions Across Digital Touchpoints

By Cory Waite and Katie Alteri

Discover Boating’s mission is to increase interest and participation in boating, maintain the current boating audience and help to grow the recreational boating industry.  

To successfully achieve this, Discover Boating connects potential and current boaters with manufacturers and dealers. These connecting points are referred to as “introductions,” and new and improved methods to drive these engagements are continually being developed. 

Through internal research and MRAA data, the Discover Boating team knows people use the Discover Boating website and digital tools to conduct significant research before visiting a dealership.

Digital is a critical component of the Discover Boating introduction strategy and will continue to evolve. Here are a few highlights of the digital introduction touchpoints that Discover Boating currently deploys:

Discover Boating Boat Type Quiz for customer introductions
Discover Boating Boat Type Quiz page.

1. Boat Type Quiz – When users visit the Boat Type Quiz page, they’re prompted with a “Find a Boat Type that’s Right for You” quiz. This quiz adds an interactive element that helps them begin their boat search.  

Once finding a boat type, Discover Boating showcases the brands specific to that type and encourages the next step in their user journey. Once the user clicks on the brand website to learn more, this creates an introduction to the brand.

2. Dealer Finder – Powered in partnership with MRAA, the Dealer Finder is a user-friendly digital tool that connects users directly with dealers. Users are prompted to enter their city or zip code to show dealers in their area. The dealers’ website links and phone numbers are displayed on the dealer listings, creating an introduction. Please fill out this form to get your dealership listed in the Dealer Finder.

3. Dealer-Focused Content – An additional resource for boaters, Discover Boating offers several content pages to promote visiting dealerships and make the experience easier for potential boat buyers. Some of the main content pieces that promote visiting boat dealerships are:

4. Boat Shows – Last year, Discover Boating rebranded boat shows to be a part of the Discover Boating brand. Boat shows are a valuable, in-person opportunity to form introductions between boat buyers, owners, brands and dealers. We offer a Boat Show Calendar to make it easier for boating enthusiasts to find a boat show near them. 

5. Boat Finder – Currently existing at the local boat show market level with plans to evolve in the near future, the Boat Finder platform is an interactive tool that assists with the boat search journey. 

Discover Boating Boat show Boat Finder tool connects customers and dealers
Discover Boating Boat Finder tool

Similar to an e-commerce or online buying experience, Boat Finder showcases boats from participating brands at Discover Boating boat shows. Users can browse the inventory of new model year boats and filter by boat type, price, length, NMMA Certified and more. Attached to each boat is the representing dealer showcasing the boat at the show. 

Similar to Dealer Finder, the website and phone number serve as an introduction touchpoint to connect the user directly with the dealer. To view a live version of Boat Finder and how it works, check out our New York Boat Finder here or the Atlantic City Boat Finder here.

Discover Boating deploys a multi-channel digital marketing strategy across search, email, video and social media along with the lifestyle campaign, “See You Out Here,” to drive users to these digital introduction touchpoints. With all these initiatives working together, Discover Boating’s goal is to continue to be a high driver of introductions year-round.

For any questions regarding Discover Boating’s digital strategy, please email Cory Waite, Director of Digital Marketing, or Katie Alteri, Sr. Brand Strategy and Content Manager.