Overcome Fear with Action

Use the MRAA Guide to Navigating 2024 as a Tool to Find Success

Fear can be demobilizing for some, almost as if you’re stuck in quicksand and panicking about your next move. The fear of failure can cause some to push for the status quo.

For others, fear can act as a motivator to change, innovate and explore solutions. For others, searching for answers to issues and problem areas is a proactive effort to find resolve and search for meaning. They overcome fear with action!

overcome fear with action using this MRAA guide for navigating 2024

Most marine retailers have questions and concerns about 2024 and beyond. The post-pandemic business surge is over! Talk has shifted to suggestions of treating your boat business as it was in 2018 to 2019 rather than the early 2020s, which was an anomaly, not the norm. Midway through 2022, we saw a shift back to normalcy for most in the marine industry. Customer demand decreased, inventory levels climbed and curtailments resumed in 2023.

Along with these business changes, negativity, distrust and uncertainty are prevalent. War exists overseas, involving many nations and political agendas. Here, at home, in 2024, it’s an election year, creating new anxiety and shaky consumer confidence levels. It’s no wonder why fear creeps in, takes control and we become reactive instead of taking action.

So what’s a boat dealer like you, sitting barely two months into a new year, supposed to do if you’re already staring a murky 2024 in the face? Take action!

11 Success Strategies
We understand the worries and concerns that exist for you and your team. The Guide to Navigating 2024 provides you with tactics to implement to help strengthen your dealership’s position in the market no matter what happens this year. We encourage you to use the more than 60 tools and resources to implement these 11 strategies for success.

To learn more, visit the Guide to Navigating 2024 MRAA web portal.

These strategies take you from fear and a state of inertia to one of momentum-generating action. Your ability to proceed helps you understand your hurdles and gain the necessary speed and confidence to leap over them! With each challenge comes opportunities to adapt and change, giving you the assurance you need to move forward.

This MRAA guide serves as both a tactical roadmap and an encouraging tool – arming you with proven processes and education from the MRAA, industry educators, partners and Discover Boating – to help drive your team forward to find the success you need in 2024 and beyond.

Overcome Fear with Action!
We understand that you may be onboard with taking 2024 by the horns, but are not an MRAA member. We’ve created a handy preview that includes a portion of Strategy No. 1 – Manage Your Mindset. Download a copy today! For full membership and access, contact Sherri Cuvala, Director of Membership at sherri@mraa.com; 763-333-2420.

MRAA Members can download the Guide to Navigating 2024 here.