Focus on Your Base: Win with Existing Customers

Imagine if you could build a customer list that’s reliable, loyal, creates future sales and trusts you like no other boat dealer in the region. While that list may seem dreamy, it’s not out of reach because it already lives in your dealership’s files. It’s your existing customers! 

Recently we’ve seen a rise in inflation, market uncertainty, consumer hesitancy about spending and the growth in the unpredictable. And that’s on top of the boating industry’s inventory and supply issues and workforce constraints. That’s why now is THE TIME to refocus your efforts on your current customer list as a way to overcome the disruption that’s out there.

It’s these existing customers who are — or will be, in the case of your newest clients — most loyal to you, your brand, your team and your dealership. That is, if you treat them correctly and with complete transparency. They quite often become repeat buyers and offer your team the potential to secure extra revenue from accessory sales, service and seasonal storage to name only a few. Additionally, they can drive new sales through their word-of-mouth reviews and referrals. You’ve done a lot of the leg work already just by making the initial sale(s), but this month’s MRAA Spotlight will help you build customers for life and, in turn, take care of your dealership family for the long haul, too.  

“Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” — W. Edwards Deming,

Matt Gruhn of the MRAA

Tools to Persevere

Customers are upset, employees are leaving, processes — formal or otherwise — are breaking down, and the business owner is wondering where it all went wrong. You don’t want this outcome, ever! MRAA President Matt Gruhn shares tools you can use to help you take care of your customers and persevere.

Marketing to Current Marine Customers

By Lori Stacy, CEO of Trader Interactive

Today’s consumer buying environment is more competitive than ever, which is why retaining loyal customers is key. To keep up in this space, you may have to adjust current marketing strategies to better appeal to your existing marine consumers. Lori Stacy, CEO at Trader Interactive, the parent company to Boatline, an MRAA Education Champion, offers you 5 tips to help your dealership succeed in today’s digital marketing landscape and remain top of mind with consumers.

Boatline Email Marketing Guide
A recent MRAA / Baird Pulse Report survey produced data asking dealers how they planned to market to their existing customers in 2023.

Existing Customers Data from MRAA
Operation Keep Your Customers Boating

Operation Keep Your Customers Boating

This multi-part guide has been conceptualized by MRAA’s Dealership Certification Program Manager Liz Keener and Lead Consultant Bob McCann and captures and shares some of the leading insights our team has garnered over the years. They’ve tapped expert advice, dealer best practices, and industry trends to help you manage the customer experience. The first phase of this resource arrived in a series of blogs on The second phase resulted in “MRAA’s Guide to a World-Class Customer Experience,” which is an exclusive 50-page guide for MRAA members.

How to Create a Marketing Plan When You Don’t Have Any Inventory

Just think if you could build a marketing plan that would transform you customers into avid fans of your business. And not just for one transaction, but for a lifetime of purchases. But how do you this these days with more competition, bargain shoppers and industry challenges?

From first point of contact to the ever-important follow-up, it takes an effort to consistently connect with customers. This MRAA Training ‘N’ Tactics (TNT) video with subject matter expert Danny Decker ( will help you develop an authentic marketing plan regardless of whether you have inventory on hand or don’t.

MRAA's Training N Tactics

Increase Closing Rate with Content Marketing

“Why do they buy from you? Why? There’s one fundamental reason why they decide to give you their money over giving it to somebody else. And what’s that magical reason? Because they TRUST you!”Marcus Sheridan, from “Increase Closing Rate with Content Marketing.”

Watch this informative video series on the Discover Boating B2B site, which offers your team many more marketing resources to engage customers, from prospects to your current clients.