Move More Inventory

• How simple changes to your inventory listings can garner more prospect attention, sell more boats and generate more cash flow.

By Drew Mick, MRAA Research Specialist

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Drew Mick

Excess inventory. For many, this is a painful reality. But what if a few strategic steps could turn that around?

In the fast-paced world of boat sales, capturing customer attention is the first crucial step towards boosting sales figures. Yet, often, we find ourselves not giving our inventory listings the spotlight they deserve. It’s time to start a new movement – an “Inventory Movement” Movement, if you will – to change how we think of our listings.

Consider this: A study done by Boats Group on YachtWorld delved into the impact of visual content on generating leads. The results were eye-opening. Boat listings featuring 11 to 25 photos garnered the most leads. This statistic alone underscores the power of presentation in driving sales success.

Move More Inventory - Yacht World graphic
Graphic courtesy of Boats Group, an MRAA Strategic Partner

With this in mind, we present the following tips to elevate your boat inventory listing game. These actionable steps are designed to breathe new life into your listings, attracting customers and maximizing sales potential.

Let’s march forward into the world of optimizing boat inventory listings and unleash their true potential. Your next sale might be just a click away.

  1. Pictures: It has already been established that 11-25 picture for your listings is that sweet spot. But what else can you be doing to enhance those visuals? According to an article written by Boats Group titled “How to Improve Your Listing Score,” it is important that your pictures are of the highest quality possible, which starts with the camera you are using. Be sure your settings are set to the high resolution for HD-quality images. And of course, the first image shown should be the best picture you have of the boat, displaying the whole unit and at the best angle.

  2. Video: The YachtWorld study also suggested at least 1 video per listing. Typically, this would be a walkaround video. Furthermore, this might be an area that is worth thinking about differently. Can you get this boat out on the water for some action shots? Potential buyers might appreciate a look into how it runs. Is there an opportunity to be upfront with them about the flaws? Marcus Sheridan recently had a newsletter post titled “The Secret to Gaining IMMEDIATE Trust Online” where he talked about how he recently bought a new van. The short of it is, he bought the van without having seen it in person based solely on the fact that the video began by displaying the flaws first. This illustrated immediate candor and helped to fill in what Marcus called the “Trust Gap.” It helped Marcus drop any defenses and hesitation he had because it cut right to it. This way of outside-the-box thinking may be worth considering for your pre-owned boat listings.

  3. Detail: When it comes to the writing on your listings, there is no room for error. That earlier article by Boats Group stated how vital it is to list all basic details about the boat. What class is it? What about the HIN? The engine hours? Are there any important deadlines that need to be expressed such as “Limited time offer” or “Only while supplies last?” Everything a buyer might want to know should be there at a glance, even the price. Showing the price, rather than a “Call for Price” option has been shown to lead to more traffic. This all may seem like the basics, but it’s extremely important and cannot be stated enough.

  4. Description: According to Samantha Scott, APR in her presentation “Closing the Deal: Moving Inventory Through Positioning and Promotion,” be sure to paint a picture in your listing’s descriptions. Tell them how close they are to a lake time vacation. Ask them to imagine themselves soaking in the sun from the deck of their new boat. Be excited, and the customer will be excited right back. Don’t forget to explain why features are beneficial. Finally, and most importantly, you must use searchable keywords. Put yourself in the prospect’s shoes, and ask yourself “what words would I type into a search engine to find my perfect boat?” This harkens back to being detailed in your descriptions as well. If you do this, your listings will be sure to pop to the top of any search engine.

Rethinking your inventory listing approach holds the key to transformative sales outcomes. Through the inclusion of captivating visuals and strategic presentation, your listings gain the ability to unlock untapped potential, effectively capturing attention and driving sales. By incorporating these subtle adjustments and additions into your listings, you enhance their visibility, increasing the likelihood of your inventory finding its rightful place in the hands of your loyal customers.

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