Lower Your Expenses with MRAA Member Benefits

By Jason Walz, MRAA Director of Programs

Image of MRAA Director of Programs Jason Walz in blue shirt at MRAA's MN headquarters
Jason Walz, MRAA

Every year you work to grow your dealership. Chances are you’ve been successful at doing just that, coming off of a spectacular three-year run that featured fast-moving inventory and high demand.

However, the market is shifting, so now it’s time to pause and take a closer look at the cost of doing business. You do this to identify areas within your operation where you can reveal potential savings. Conserving cash in a softer market with surplus inventory and healthy-but-decreasing demand is the right thing to do for your employees and your business.

But it’s not always easy to take that 1,000-foot view of your business if you’re always deeply entwined within its roots. We get it.

That’s why the MRAA partners with companies like Bukaty for MRAA Health and Wells Fargo for credit card processing. These companies offer MRAA Members benefits in form of exclusive discounts on health care costs and credit card processing. Put simply, an annual review of healthcare costs can save your dealership thousands of dollars

Depending on the size of your dealership and its workforce, Paycor Payroll Processing, an online payroll and HR software, can help you easily pay employees and eliminate your concerns about tax compliance while exploring ways to save you money. PartnerShip, offering you access to both inbound and outbound shipping and freight services, can save dealers in the U.S. and Canada anywhere from $500 to more than $10,000 per year on shipping! 

Savings can also be seen when your dealership improves its efficiency. MRAA Partners like Rollick, Marine Dealer Technologies and the MRAA Virtual Business Development Center (in partnership with CSI, Inc.) can streamline your marketing, lead generation and follow-up processes, helping to reduce your team’s time commitment, but not its overall results. 

As a business professional, it’s wise to examine your dealership’s expenses to help you reduce operational costs. Check out the MRAA Member Benefits page to find service providers that can help you improve efficiency and save money. 

To discuss the potential saving offered by MRAA Member Benefits email me at jason@mraa.com.