Are you always looking for ways to make more money in your service department? Of course you are. Use the resources below to improve your service department operations.

Warranty Claims Tracker
To improve your warranty results, download and maintain this Warranty Claims Tracker – provided by Paula Crosbie of PCLM Business Solutions – for each manufacturer your dealership represents.

Service Menu Spreadsheet Sample (MRAA Member Benefit)
David Parker of Parker Business Planning created this sample spreadsheet to help you add a service menu to your dealership’s processes.

Service Process Maps (MRAA Member Benefit)
The most effective way to define and refine your service department formula for success is through the creation and use of process maps. If you haven’t yet created a process map to document your service systems, or if you want to incorporate best practices into the processes you do have, this page is for you.

Service Department Liability Waiver

All retailers who conduct service business should require their customers to sign a Service Authorization Form to outline the liabilities held by the customer. Through our friends at Bellavia Blatt, PC, we have developed the following document available for your use. Simply brand this with your dealership’s name or logo, and contact information, where indicated on the form, and this can serve as your guide in creating such a document. 

Build a Service Menu
The process of creating a customized service menu for your dealership can help you identify new sources of revenue, increase winter work and cash flow, keep technicians busy year round and make upselling easy for your team. The result? Higher profitability for this department and greater stability for your dealership. 

Learn (and eventually EARN) from Your Service Comebacks
The silver lining of almost every dealership failure is the opportunity to learn from it and improve your business practices. Like when you see customers’ boats being returned to your shop. Author Valerie Ziebron says it’s vital for your team to identify where the problem stemmed from, share the issue with the entire team and, then, fix the process. Once you learn to identify, share and fix the issue(s), the better it is for your customers, your team and your bottom line.

Service Job Descriptions (MRAA Member Benefit)
MRAA members have access to nearly 50 job descriptions for common positions around the typical dealership, including the service department. Login and click the link above to download the service job descriptions you need.

MRAA Case Study document featuring tips and advice for service efficiency from MRAA Certified Dealership Woodard Marine.

Use Communication & Technology to Boost Your Service Efficiency 

Reducing repair event cycle time (RECT) is a mandatory service data point to track at your dealership, because the more efficient your service department is, the quicker you can get your customers back on the water and doing what makes them happy – boating!

That’s why we picked the brain of Lauren Woodard-Splatt, Owner of Woodard Marine, an MRAA Certified Dealer, to find out how her dealership reduced RECT and received a RECT Efficiency Award from Lightspeed. Lauren shares tips and tactics that helped her store and could help you not only go paperless and install better processes, but also build a better service team and improve customer experience.