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Dealer Week Industry Celebration – The Rockin’ Good Time You Deserve, Cool Cat!  

MRAA’s Dealer Week is about learning, growing and educating your dealership team for even more success in the year ahead. However, it’s also about having fun, seeing friends, making new connections and celebrating another year of being part of the greatest industry ever!   Last year in Austin, Texas, the MRAA held a 1970s-themed Industry […]

Leadership Requires Strength & Humility

William H. McRaven, retired U.S. Navy Admiral and author, discusses the word hope in chapter 9 of his book “The Wisdom of the Bullfrog: Leadership Made Simple (But Not Easy).” Anyone in a leadership position has either used hope or have heard something said like “I hope it all works out.” McRaven goes on to […]

22 Tips to Tackle High Rates & Finance More Deals

Higher interest rates are putting a damper on customers’ interest in financing their boat purchases. In a recent MRAA Pulse Report Survey, about 8 out of 10 dealers cited high interest rates as the biggest obstacle to customer financing. Low lender approval rates came in second, followed by “perceived values of trade-ins” and “other.” There’s […]

Begin with ‘GOOD’ to Become Great!

Have you ever uttered the word “good” when something goes wrong at your dealership? Chances are you’ve said a different word, perhaps one with a negative or “bad” connotation. Jocko Willink, author and retired Navy Seal officer, has shared on his podcast his philosophical approach to responding with “good” when problems crop up. How comfortable […]