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Stories Give Service Data Meaning

Dan Heath, a New York Times best-selling author once said, “Data are just summaries of thousands of stories – tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful.” The MRAA collected a great deal of data in the survey process for the Service Management Special Report. In a sense, we collected thousands […]

A Roadmap to Winning in Service

• Pre-order the MRAA Service Management Special Report to help your dealership improve your service department’s overall performance. By Jerrod Kelley & MRAA Education team We have all heard the wise words: “Sales sell the first boat, and service sells the second, third and fourth.” Indeed, dealership service departments play a vital role in customer […]

Marine Lending Data & Trends

• A Conversation with Jim Coburn, National Marine Lenders Association, about the 43rd Annual Statistical Report By Drew Mick, MRAA Research Specialist As a recreational marine dealer, it’s critical for you to have access to tools and analytics about market data so you can keep your business informed and adaptable. One valuable resource is the […]

Cautiously Optimistic at ‘Cliffside’

• Lenny Sims, VP Business Development/Strategy – Specialty Vehicles for J.D. Power and the MRAA Discuss Insights on the 2023 Q2 Marine Market Drew Mick, MRAA: April saw a small decline across all boat types in traffic views. Is there any reason for that dip? Lenny Sims: When we look at the data, there’s all […]