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Providing education and resource guidance for dealers who need to enhance their sales and retail operations

I recently received a call from an MRAA Member dealership who needed resources for his sales team. His request was for educational videos from that pertain to off-season selling and helping his sales teams generate more leads.

The dealer said after a stellar month of August, his September was slower than expected and that customer visits significantly reduced from the previous month. He also called to let me know that they were having an in-house sales meeting and he was hoping to have them watch some videos to gain (or refresh) tactics and strategies for creating leads.

His dealership has previously used our learning management system (LMS), so he was familiar with the education and resources available to his team. But, as a Silver Member, he needed some recommendations and guidance for specific courses to help his sales team with lead generation and his stores with off-season tactics.

MRAA Spotlight Series

Below, I’ll share with your team what I shared with him since you could be facing similar needs at your dealership:

I reminded him of the MRAA Spotlight page and its numerous monthly topics that help dealers address concerns.

  1. The Spotlight page on Lead Generation and Nurturing has helpful tactics to help strengthen businesses.
  2. The Succeeding at Seasonality: Your Plan for Offseason Profit Spotlight page has insights and best practices to help any dealership searching for implementable ideas to find more success.

3 Related courses include:

Subject Matter Expert Danny Decker

8 courses related to his request for resources to help with online, digital and social strategies:

This dealer also plans to attend Dealer Week (Dec. 4-7, in Tampa, Fla.), so he will benefit from joining the all-new timely course with Decker entitled “Use Facebook & Instagram to Generate Leads That Turn into Buyers.” 

Finally, I recommended that he explore MRAA Certification because it could help him establish more efficient and effective processes that lead to a more enhanced sales process for his team and an improved customer retail experience. Currently, MRAA Certified Dealers have access to a Continuous Certification course from Decker called “How to Plan and Optimize Your Digital Marketing Strategy.”

Never Back Down, Never Give Up!
My 14-year-old son likes to game in his free time. One of his heroes is a Canadian player and streamer who goes by the gamertag of Nick Eh 30. His motto is “never back down, never give up!” That simple message rings true for you today, even if owning and operating a dealership is infinitely more significant than a video game.

Those six words speak of bringing with you into every challenge you face a proper mindset. That is, being adaptable, resilient and resourceful to help you and your team overcome and prepare for 2024!

Dealers, email me if you need any assistance finding courses or resources to help you survive and thrive during challenging times. We’re here to help.