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Your Voice Moves the Needle – Help Stop Imposter Schemes!

Fraud and impersonation scams are a growing problem with increasing frequency and greater levels of sophistication. Unfortunately, due to the pervasive nature of these scams some of our very own MRAA members and staff have fallen victims to these scams. These impersonation scams manifest themselves a wide-range range of ways, from someone texting you impersonating the CEO of your company, to a bad actor pretending to be from the MRAA, they are persistent and only getting worse. 

Chad Tokowicz
Chad Tokowicz, MRAA Government Relations Manager

In an effort to deter criminals from engaging in these acts, the FTC is going to define what it means to be an imposter of a business or government. It will also make it easier to recover money for consumers and make it more likely that folks are reimbursed after being defrauded.

Comment on the FTC’s proposed regulation to let them know that these scams need to stop! Every comment that highlights the negative impact theses scams have and underscore the support from business owners and consumers makes it more likely the FTC will move forward with these helpful regulations.

The deadline to comment on the proposed regulation is FRIDAY, DEC. 16! The MRAA encourages you to take action on this proposal to protect businesses from impersonation and possible financial harm.

  • Submit your comment online andwrite “Impersonation NPRM, R207000” in your comment. Online is most expedient and highly recommended.
  • All comments are due by December 16.

Learn more about the proposed rule on Impersonation of Government and Business