Financial Management

Financial management is crucial for success, but can be difficult due to unexpected sales, inventory issues, and economic changes. To overcome these challenges, have a plan and utilize the resources below.

Sample One-Page Budget Worksheet

Dealers often lack time for a structured budgeting process, or their process only covers top-line expenses. To improve financial management, use the Sample Budget Worksheet from Parker Business Planning to analyze department-level finances and enhance business management.

Sample Inventory Management Worksheet

Proper inventory management is crucial for business success. To help manage inventory effectively, use the Sample Inventory Management Worksheet from Parker Business Planning, which includes preset formulas for calculating inventory costs, margins, and days-in-inventory.

Sample Net Cash Condition Worksheet

While net profitability is important, cash flow is crucial during slower periods for a dealership. Use the Sample Net Cash Condition worksheet from Parker Business Planning to track your cash flow status at all times.

Marine Dealership Finance Strategies This Year and Beyond

Marine dealership finance strategies are important in today’s environment. This MRAA Partner blog by Tracy Williams, Managing Director – Marine, Huntington Distribution Finance, covers a few areas to embrace in your business.