There are a million different ways to run a business, most of which have been attempted by a small business owner like yourself. One of the greatest benefits of MRAA membership is found in the collective experience of our members. The following list of resources have been compiled by both dealers and our supplier partners, and are offered here for your use. Do YOU have an idea or method that might help others run their business better? By all means, join in the conversation.

“Good Luck at the Dealership” Article

How to Dial in the People and Processes in Every Department to Help Transform Your Customers’ Experience.

MRAA Mini-Guide to Peak Season Readiness

When customers start rolling into your parking lot or pulling up to your dock, you want to provide the best experience possible right out of the gate, whether you are making a first impression on a prospective buyer or welcoming an old friend to a new boating season.

FTC Identity Theft Prevention Rule
The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) “Red Flags” Rule is specifically meant to prevent identify theft from occurring. The rule requires auto dealers, and others, to establish and maintain a written Identity Theft Prevention Program (ITPP) that is designed to detect, prevent and mitigate identity theft. 

Red Flags of Risky Business
Regulations require a dealership to not only be a good citizen, but to be a cop as well. There’s no two ways about it, if red flags are detected during a transaction, certain proactive steps are required that will create extra work and slow down the deal process. 

Write Your Business Plan
There’s no better and more direct way to find success in your business than to write and follow a business plan. Banks need to see one to have enough confidence to loan you money; your employees need one to understand how you and they will find success; and you need one in order to know the score in your everyday game of finding greater profits. Fortunately, the U.S. Small Business Administration released an all-new business planning tool to help you write your own plan. Follow this link to get started with this interactive, eight-step process. Save your work and return to it later, but do your business a huge service and get a plan written.

Online Privacy Policy
All retailers who do business through their website must have a published privacy policy on the site. Through our friends at Bellavia Blatt PC, we have developed the template available through the link above for your use. Simply add your dealership’s name where indicated on the form and post the text under the words Privacy Policy on your website.

Document & Record Retention
Every business should know its requirement for retaining documentation relating to all of its business dealings. To assist the members along these lines, the MRAA worked with Bellavia Blatt PC, to create an all-encompassing schedule that outlines how long you should retain individual documents.

15 Actionable Fundamentals of Data Protection
In today’s world, every dealership is at risk of having its cyber security violated. To help you protect your company and your data, we asked security expert Robert Siciliano to share these 15 tips. He shared them in association with an MRAA “Ask the Expert” Webinar.

Crisis and Emergency Management Resources
As a marine business owner or manager, you have probably weathered a lot of unexpected events, from storms, fires and flooding to pandemics, recessions, low water and even health issues experienced by you, your team and your families. You know the benefit of being prepared and having a place to turn for assistance. Click above to access some resources we’ve assembled to help you prepare for and manage the unexpected.

ADA Checklist for Existing Facilities – Recreational Boating Facilities
Recreational boating facilities should be accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities. All people of varying abilities enjoy boating, whether it’s an aging family member, a child without their sea legs yet, or persons with disabilities, this checklist will help you ensure your facility can be accessed with ease by everyone.