Nothing happens until a sale is made. The old mantra holds true in the boating industry like it does everywhere else, and we’re here to help make sure that you make the sale. Lots of sales, in fact. We’ve collected a bevy of sales resources for you to tap into and to help you strengthen your sales efforts.

Dealer Rapid Response Guide

This guide is to help with increasing your dealership’s customer close rate with rapid response technology from MRAA Education Champion Rollick includes sample call, text and email scripts.

Lead Fulfillment with No Inventory

You don’t have any inventory to sell but leads keep coming in from various sources. But how can you sell and nurture leads with nothing to sell? With the proper messaging in hand, now is the time to capitalize on lead fulfillment processes and nurturing resources that educate and help you install best practices and tactics for fostering a reciprocal relationship with your customers. The steps below below can help you create a lead nurturing process so your team is better equipped with the necessary tools to reduce the potential loss of leads.

pop-up boat show

In your search to find a new way to engage your customers and to get your sales leads and deals back, you may be wondering about holding the right event. Instead of waiting and pondering, consider creating your own “pop-up” boat show to attract the customers who seem so hard to find.


Ultimate Guide to the Pre-Owned Boat Market

The pre-owned boat market represents a $10 billion opportunity that is ripe for helping you build your bottom line. This largely untapped market place can deliver you a competitive advantage, the most unique product line in your territory, and the best possible link to attracting first time boat buyers into your dealership. But there are many questions and hurdles to succeeding in the pre-owned market. MRAA’s Guide to the Pre-Owned Boat Market will help you navigate all of the unknowns and capture the business you deserve.


MRAA Mini-Guide: Staffing Your Sales Department

Different dealerships have different philosophies and ideas about the optimum number of salespeople needed to staff a marine dealership. The MRAA Mini-Guide: Staffing Your Sales Department was created to help retailers debunk sales staffing myths that may limit future business growth.

Price Disclaimer

All retailers who are taking a down payment on new boats that have yet to have been built and/or delivered to the dealership need to be prepared for how to handle a potential change in price from the manufacturer in their conversations and work with prospective buyers. You may want to include some price disclaimer language as part of your sales contracts. Through our friends at Bellavia Blatt, PC, we have developed the following document at the link above, which you can incorporate into your sales documentation.

“As-Is – No Warranty” Waiver for Used Boats

All retailers who sell used or consigned boats need to consider if they are willing to perform warranty work on that vessel and there are times when you may want to provide an “As Is – No Warranty” disclaimer. Through our friends at Bellavia Blatt PC, we have developed the document at the link above available for your use.

Four Square Closing Worksheet

The Four Square Closing Worksheet is used by dealers as a tool to find out what kind of buyer the customer is — are they a cash buyer, a payment buyer, do they have a trade-in or are they a difference buyer? This form is very similar to those used by automobile dealers to “desk” deals with prospective customers.

How to Generate More Income with Consignment Boats

Dealer consultant David Parker of Parker Business Planning published an excellent article on how to make more money through consignment boats. While most dealers approach this business much like a broker would, Parker provides plenty of ideas on how to increase your revenue.

Consignment Promotional Copy

Once you have improved your consignment sales processes (and financials), you need to start promoting the business to boat owners who are looking to sell. This copy will provide you a starting point, with 11 reasons why boat owners should consign their boats through a dealer.

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up with Bob McCann

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

Bob McCann, MRAA Lead Certification Consultant, emphasizes the critical importance of follow-up in the sales process. Learn how effective follow-up ensures customer satisfaction, builds long-term relationships and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

J.D. Power Market Insights 2021 Report

Gain insight into trends in boat valuation for a variety of boat types in this report from J.D. Power, which powers