Why YOU should be a Marine Technician!

By Valerie Ziebron, VRZ Consulting

Americans have more toys than ever but fewer people to keep those toys running. One of the most coveted resources of the boating industry is the marine technician, whose job it is to keep boats running and on the water.

And as the technicians the industry employs today continue to age, the boating industry is looking for the service department leaders of the future. If you are an energetic, self-motivated individual who is looking for a long-term, rewarding career, here are 10 reasons to consider the boating industry.

1. JOB SECURITY: Good, hard-working technicians find themselves in high demand, so much so that they often find that dealerships across North America will fight over them. Try to find that with a computer, communications, or almost any other degree.

2. NO CUBICLE: There are going to be days at work when the sky is as blue as the water, birds are singing, waves are clapping and a fresh breeze is blowing. It’s just another day at the office for you. Good thing you didn’t become an accountant.

3. VARIETY: No two days are ever the same. Even if you are working on a task you’ve completed before, you’ll find that no two boats or customers are ever the same.

4. SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT: It’s an incredible feeling to take something that is broken, diagnose the problem, and fix it so that it works. It’s even better when you understand that the guy who owns it couldn’t have pulled the repair off himself!

5. GIFTS!: Gifts of gratitude are often provided by grateful patrons, who understand that no matter how much they spent on the boat, YOU are the one who can ensure they get to enjoy it!

6. WORK WITH YOUR HANDS: If spreadsheets, boardroom meetings, corporate red-tape, and backstabbing coworkers do not sound like your bag, you may prefer day-to-day dealings with a motor. You won’t hurt its feelings, no matter what you say.

7. A MORE RELAXED ENVIRONMENT: There may be more money available to techs in other fields but there is something to be said for sanity. Most boat shops expect efficiency but don’t have constant flat-rate pressure or a waiting room full of impatient customers who wanted their boat done hours ago.

8. COMFORTABLE CLOTHES: While it’s important to maintain a professional image, this can be accomplished without knotting a tie around your neck or shoving on tiny, shiny wing tip shoes. Some dealerships even allow shorts in the summer.

9. A SHARP BRAIN: You will never stop learning as your career progresses. Most dealerships are willing to invest in your continued education, from computer learning to cutting-edge diagnostics and factory training. You’ll learn from experience, co-workers, and manufacturer-sponsored workshops, all making you a more
valuable problem solver.

10. CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Consider how many boat and motor company executives, dealers, consultants, suppliers, and marina owners started with a wrench in their hand. As a tech, you can learn a lot about selling time efficiently and running a profitable business. Next thing you know: Someone wants you to be a service manager, buy out the dealership, or work in another capacity you had not even considered.

Not many people realize all the potential benefits that are connected with being a marine technician. While it is not all fun and games, the unique advantages that come with this career path make it worth exploring. America’s toys are counting on you.

Valerie Ziebron, president of VRZ Consulting, has spent more than two decades helping businesses “fire on all 8” through education and motivation. She makes it a point to uncover best practice “golden nuggets” that help people flip the switch from reactive to proactive for greater profitability and customer loyalty.

Through studying and comparing hundreds of dealerships across North America, VRZ Consulting specializes in what stores can do to maximize their resources, specifically their people, processes, space and location. Learn more at: http://www.vrzconsulting.com.