Author: Bob McCann

Best Friend at Work

By Bob McCann, MRAA Lead MICD Program Consultant Think about your workplace for a few minutes, and imagine a stressful day – we all have them now and again. Think for a second about when that stress bubbles up, who at work do you run to? Who do you vent to? From whom do you […]

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

By Bob McCann, Lead MICD Program Consultant Let’s say you’re in the market for a new SUV – a big investment these days. You’re torn between two models from two different dealerships. They seem similar from the looks, performance, price and test drive. The salesperson at one dealership has called to check on you since […]

Find Your Salesperson Superpower

• Best Practice for Overcoming Price Objections: Listen to Your Customers More Than You Talk By Bob McCann Many salespeople are conversationalists. That’s a great asset since you’re dealing with new people every day. But to make a sale, you must also be an excellent listener. Listening is the best way to learn how to […]

Improving the Customer Experience through Employee Satisfaction

By Bob McCann, Lead Certification Consultant, MRAA Customer satisfaction in our industry is defined as a measure of how a boat builder’s product and a dealer’s service perform compared to customer’s expectations. It has long been the method to measure the effectiveness of the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program (MICD). I propose that employee satisfaction […]

Building Your Service Process Map

By Bob McCann, MRAA Lead Certification Consultant How this simple task closes the gap between dealership expectations and dealership results As a dealership manager, you know how you expect your employees to operate. You know the steps they should take when a boat arrives for service, as each boat goes through maintenance or repairs, and […]

9 Tasks Your Techs Shouldn’t Be Doing

It has been such a delight to hear from every dealer who I’ve spoken with over the last couple of months tell me about their record pace for sales and service, in addition, to the amount of new business coming from new boaters. New blood is what this industry has needed and talked about for […]

The Dreaded Job Description

We rarely get pushback from dealers on the need for job descriptions. However, this one requirement often slows down a dealer’s completion of their Certification checklist. For some reason, creating and updating job descriptions ranks right up there with cleaning out the head — except when it comes to the person whose job description is […]