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Reducing Inventory – What Works

By Bill Yeargin, CEO, Correct Craft Our Correct Craft companies work with hundreds of marine dealers, giving us a unique view into what works and what doesn’t. By no means does that make me an expert on dealership management, but it has resulted in some interesting observations, particularly related to the management of inventory. In […]

2023 United States Coast Guard Recreational Boating Statistics Report: A Comprehensive Overview

By Chad Tokowicz, MRAA Government Relations Manager On Friday, May 24, 2024, the United States Coast Guard released its annual Recreational Boating Statistics report for 2023, marking the 65th edition of this comprehensive analysis. This report is a vital resource for understanding the current state of recreational boating in the United States, providing detailed insights […]

‘Pop-up’ Boat Show

Sales have slowed and are struggling to recover. Customers seem to be hiding from dealers. Banks appear scared of lending. Inventory is back to normal, or worse even higher. Almost everyone has a trade-in vessel where they owe a lot more than it is worth. As a dealer principal, sales manager, or other leader in […]

Boating Event Planning Basics

Holding a successful customer event benefits your business by generating sales leads, creating avenues for soft selling, building community, elevating trust in your brand and boosting customer experience. Boating events on the water are equally important because you get to share the boating lifestyle, share safety and operational tips with owners and create deeper connections […]

Regulatory Alert – Changed Overtime Rule for Salaried Employees

• This MRAA Alert is a special update regarding the U.S. Department of Labor Final Rule on increased salary requirements for “White Collar Overtime Exemptions” The U.S. Department of Labor on Tuesday, April 23 announced the release of a final rule raising the minimum annual salary threshold for overtime pay eligibility. This primarily applies to […]

What is the MRAA? Let Me Show You

People get fed up repeatedly hearing the same common question: “What do you do?” We have all heard it and asked it ourselves as a conversational icebreaker. We ask it because we want to know what people do for a living (i.e.: What’s your day job?). However, after a Google search, I found dozens of […]

MRAA Joins Water Sports Industry Association Annual Summit

• The Summit allows MRAA, WSIA to continue to build collaboration on overlapping government relations priorities By Chad Tokowicz, MRAA Government Relations Manager I recently joined the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA) for their annual summit in the snow, which took place at the Everline Resort in Olympic Valley, Calif. The summit, which is hosted […]